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All foreign students can study at Czech universities for free, this requires knowledge of the Czech language, at least at the B2 level

Master the Czech language up to B2/C1 and prepare for admission to Czech universities with Prague Education Center

Study and career in the Czech Republic

"I would like to share my work experience at Škoda, which gave me the opportunity to apply the knowledge I gained at Charles University, which I entered thanks to study programs from Prague Education Centre. After successfully completing my studies, I had a great desire to find a job where I could realize my potential and continue my professional development. When I received a job offer at Škoda, I was impressed by the opportunities it offered. So, I decided to start my career in this company, and now, after some time, I can say that it was the right decision to go to PEC and enroll in a Czech university"

Sofia Ivanova - PEC alumna, graduated from Charles University

Our graduates today build their careers in major international companies in Europe, such as České dráhy, Škoda, Google and others

Choosing a school or course makes a difference!
45% of foreign students are expelled from universities after the 1st year of study
Learn more about the reasons why, and why by training with us, you won't be among them
Find out which universities students apply to after language courses
Read the official statistics of the Czech Ministry of Interior. Choose effective courses and guarantee your enrollment
Get a residence permit in Europe now

Top education in Slovakia - great opportunities to realize your dreams

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