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Пражский образовательный Центр

Education in the Czech Republic starts here

Пражский образовательный Центр

Courses for foreign students 2018/2019:

The title of course
Czech language intensive course - 1 year
Euro / 640 hours
Czech language intensive course - 1 semester
Euro / 460 hours
Summer czech language intensive course - for beginners. Tour 1
Euro / 4 weeks
Summer czech language intensive course - for beginners. Tour 2
Euro / 4 weeks

Prague Education Center is the biggest preparatory school for foreign enrollees in Prague.

Our foundation programs are the best for those who want to pass entrance exams successfully, be enrolled in the best Czech Universities, and flourish during their studies.

Our courses include everything a foreigner needs to enroll in University and feel comfortable and confident during the foundation year.

Why study with us?

  • We are the biggest preparation center for foreigners in Prague
  • Our exclusive course programs are created by many experts from several top world Universities
  • Apart from the Czech language, students also learn special subjects according to the requirements of individual faculties and fields of study
  • We are located in the heart of Prague, the historical area of Vinohrady
  • Our teachers are qualified tutors with PhD and Doctorate degrees and a broad experience with teaching the Czech language
  • We offer the widest range of extra services to help you feel comfortable during your foundation period
  • Our courses are official and give you all the student benefits in the Czech Republic
  • We organize our annual grant competition to offer free or partial financing for talented students
  • Hundreds of our alumni are successfully studying at the best Czech Universities!


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