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Computer science in Czech universities: where to study and how to enter IT faculties

Computer science in Czech universities: where to study and how to enter IT faculties - 1

IT specialists are in great demand in the modern world. Czech universities offer quality education in this field. In this article you can find out which universities produce IT specialists, how to study for free, and what you need to know to enroll.

Where to get free IT education?

It is no secret that IT specialists are in demand in the global labor market, and this is one of the important points when choosing an IT specialty among applicants.

The concept of an IT specialist has expanded from a simple programmer to highly specialized workers such as system analyst, game developer, database developer and many others over the last couple of decades.

Jobs.cz, a large Czech job search portal, analyzed more than 5 thousand offers for university graduates and found out that IT specialists in the Czech Republic, just starting their career, receive from 36 thousand CZK (analysts and consultants), while firms offer a system architect from 40 thousand CZK per month "from the start". Their salaries are still growing, while experienced programmers in the Czech Republic earn an average of CZK 65,000. The most in demand are specialists in JavaScript, Java, C++, IT security, cloud solutions, CRM and ERP systems. The demand for IT employees grows by 20% annually.

Today Prague Education Center has prepared material for those who have chosen to enrol in IT at universities in the Czech Republic. We will tell you about the best Czech universities training IT specialists and the prospects for graduates.

The best Czech universities in the field of information technology

According to an analysis of Czech specialists, the highest quality IT education in the Czech Republic is received by students of the Czech Technical University (ČVUT), the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of Charles University (Matematicko-fyzykální fakulta) and the Faculty of Information Technology of the Technical University in Brno (VUT). The faculties were evaluated, among other things, on the basis of their participation in international scientific activities, projects and programs of the European Union. And, of course, the quality of teaching at the university was evaluated.

Of course, there are many more faculties where you can get a good IT-education in the Czech Republic. To choose a suitable educational institution, first of all, it is worth to decide on the direction of computer science. So, let's get acquainted with the main directions:

Mathematical Informatics

Theory and practice are combined here. Most of all, this direction will be to the liking of those who like to do computer science thoroughly, to study the connections and principles of operation of individual systems. It is expected that the main focus of study is on mathematics, computer science theory and artificial intelligence.

Where can I study?

Theoretical computer science

This is the study of complex mathematical operations in the processing of information by a computer. This field trains specialists in research and development, who will, however, also find application in solving difficult practical problems.

The curriculum is designed as research. Students are expected to have a strong mathematical background that will be developed during their studies with an emphasis on rigorous thinking. Students gain an overview and understanding in many areas of modern theoretical computer science, from cryptography and the limitations of computational systems to state-of-the-art techniques for developing efficient algorithms and data structures. They learn about the frontiers of current knowledge in their areas of interest. Studies may include working in an international environment under the supervision of recognized experts while writing a master's thesis. Graduates are sought by companies developing future technologies based on current research. At the same time, the curriculum is excellent preparation for doctoral studies at any university in the world.

Where to study.

Computer science in Czech universities: where to study and how to enter IT faculties - 2

Applied Computer Science

Students receive a practical education in the field of modern technology, while theory is kept to a bare minimum. Emphasis is placed on programming, operating systems, software engineering, and basic math. Graduates can work as analysts, programmers or software architects.

Where to study.

Applied Informatics in Management

There is a growing demand for specialists who are able to be responsible for information technology within a single company, therefore this field of study prepares students for work in companies. This means that great emphasis is placed on the practical part and the ability to present, including IT products. Among the subjects studied are economics, management, trade law.

Where to study.

Applied Informatics in Education

This direction is suitable for future teachers of computer science, so you will have to study two specialties. Graduates have pedagogical skills, as well as knowledge in the field of modern technologies.

It should be noted that professionally graduates are able to solve a wide range of tasks - to work as system administrators, computer network maintenance specialists, system analysts, engineers, programmers, testers, etc. Experienced professionals with managerial skills can grow to project manager.

Where to study?


This is a young branch of computer science, which mainly studies geographical information systems, navigation systems, methodology for creating 3D maps, etc.

Where to study?

Computer science in Czech universities: where to study and how to enter IT faculties - 3

Prospects and salaries of IT specialists

We started talking about this already at the beginning of the article - graduates with IT knowledge are in high demand, which is confirmed by high salaries. According to vc.ru, the average salary in the IT field in Russia is 78 thousand rubles (≈1150 euros), in the Czech Republic - 45 thousand crowns (≈ 1 770 euros), and graduates of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics at Charles University can expect a salary of 50 thousand crowns (≈ 2 000 euros) at the start of their career. Of course, this figure only increases with work experience and knowledge of foreign languages. Graduates of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at ČTU earn about 48 thousand crowns, and almost the same amount for graduates of the Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University.

According to statistics, it takes IT specialists no more than two weeks to find a job in the Czech Republic. This specialty is very popular, because nowadays the country feels a strong lack of IT professionals. Many companies are happy to invite specialists from other countries.

Approximate salaries of IT specialists in the Czech Republic:

  • programmer - from 43,000 CZK
  • system administrator - from 50,000 CZK
  • SAP specialist - 90,000 CZK
  • project manager - 90,000 CZK
It is noteworthy that almost none of the graduates of the best technical universities have problems with quick employment. This is also due to the fact that universities help students to establish contact with future employers during their studies. It is important for international students to prepare thoroughly in their major subjects when applying to a Czech university. At the Prague Education Center, in addition to studying the Czech language, you can prepare yourself in your major subjects, so that you will not face any difficulties when applying for admission and further studies.

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