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Let there be light! FEL is the main electrical engineering faculty

Let there be light! FEL is the main electrical engineering faculty - 1

We will tell you about the advantages and peculiarities of studying at one of the best electrical engineering faculties in the Czech Republic in this review. We will consider popular directions, admission conditions, and reasons why you should choose this particular faculty.

About the Faculty

Prague is home to the oldest public university in Central Europe, which trains specialists in the field of electrical engineering education. For 50 years, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL) has been operating on the basis of the Czech Technical University as one of the largest and most prestigious faculties of the ČVUT, from which professional engineers in the field of electrical engineering emerge. Czech specialists are involved in creating transportation for well-known companies such as Tesla, Škoda, ČKD or Tatra.

While studying at the faculty, students have the opportunity to work on university research projects and gain experience in their specialty. The well-known Czech publication Hospodářské Noviny published a ranking of the ten best electrical engineering faculties of universities in the Czech Republic, in which ČVUT FEL took the honorable first place.

The Faculty was founded in 1950. Its main advantage is the combination of tradition and modern trends in the development of technology.

The FEL Institute annually graduates dozens of highly professional specialists in modern fields: cybernetics, telecommunications, informatics, robotics. In addition, on the basis of FEL students study classical disciplines: electronics, electric power engineering and economics in the field of electric power engineering.

Education at the faculty is divided into several stages. Students get a Bachelor's degree by studying for 3 years. After that they enter the Master's program, which lasts 2 years, and in the following 4 years they defend their doctoral thesis. Having completed one academic program, a person is awarded one of the academic titles (Bc., Ing., Ph.D.) and is awarded a diploma of European standard.

Entrants have the opportunity to choose several specialties with Bc./Ing. titles, which are offered by the university:

  • Energy, Electrical Engineering and Management;
  • Multimedia, Communications, Electronics;
  • Robotics and Cybernetics;
  • Open Informatics;
  • Electronic Systems.

Let there be light! FEL is the main electrical engineering faculty - 2

With the conferral of the title Ing:

  • Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science;
  • "Smart Buildings

For the Ph.D. degree, there are 16 majors in electrical engineering and computer science.

Admission Requirements:

Admission requirements for individual FEL programs may vary. The steps for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs are described below.


The entrance exam is a written test in mathematics and consists of 15 questions for which you can get a maximum of 20 points. We recommend you to read the sample math test (view). The faculty offers its own preparatory course, which can be combined with language courses.

Do you want to become an electrical engineering student at the main technical university in the Czech Republic? Then you need to pay attention to quality preparation. The Technical Entry Preparation Course at the Prague Education Center will help you do just that. In this program you will not only master Czech language to B2 level and above, but also learn technical terminology and prepare for the entrance exams. 98% of our graduates successfully enter the universities of their choice.

Master's program:

  1. Submission of an application on the official website (electronic form) - graduates of bachelor's and master's programs are admitted to the admission campaign.
  2. Submission of a certified copy of the Bachelor's/Master's diploma (for foreign applicants - nostrification document).
  3. Language test for foreigners
  4. Pass the entrance exam - consists of a written test, sometimes supplemented by an oral interview. The minimum passing threshold is 50-70%. The test tasks are different for each field of study:

In 2021, the admission limit for the Cybernetics and Robotics program was 13 test scores out of a maximum of 20 points. 143 students entered the first year of the program without admission. 145 students appeared for the entrance exam, of which 64 students passed the exam. A total of 207 students were admitted (of which 134 students enrolled).

Let there be light! FEL is the main electrical engineering faculty - 3

Postgraduate studies (doctoral studies)

The main condition for admission to the postgraduate program is a completed master's degree. For applicants who have completed their higher education abroad (does not apply to Slovakia) - the condition for admission is nostrification of the master's degree.

Foreign students must prove their ability to study in the Czech language. Applicants who wish to study at the postgraduate program in English must prove their knowledge of English. The conditions for admission to graduate studies are set by the dean. Admission is usually twice a year and is published on the faculty bulletin board. For some specialties, the dean may set additional dates for the entrance examinations for applicants.

Graduate perspectives

Thanks to FEL's cooperation with foreign universities and bilateral agreements, FEL students can complete double degree programs and receive diplomas from both universities at the same time.

Well-established ties between the university and other educational institutions allow students to take internships in the USA, France, Great Britain, South Korea and Germany while studying at FEL. Later students can work in any of the countries of the world. There is a program, under which the flight and accommodation during the internship is paid by the university.

Representatives of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering claim that their graduates have almost 100% employment, and are employed in such advanced companies as Google or Cisco.

FEL graduates are very much in demand, both in Europe and abroad. Professionalism and good knowledge help the specialists to get prestigious and highly paid jobs in companies with international level, and further work on the development of their business. Well-known companies Škoda Auto, Siemems, ČEZ, PRE, Rockwell and Honeywell give students the opportunity to attend their trainings and help them establish cooperation during their studies.

9 reasons to study at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague:

  1. The best technical university in the Czech Republic (as evidenced by alumni reviews and rankings of the best universities in the world)
  2. The most popular Faculty of Electrical Engineering among both Czech and foreign applicants
  3. Ranked among the top 10 research institutes in the Czech Republic
  4. Active cooperation with dozens of industrial companies in the Czech Republic
  5. Low unemployment among graduates
  6. Research and innovation projects commissioned by Czech and foreign industrial partners, biomedical, security and military institutions.
  7. Highly qualified graduates of the Faculty, recognized by employers
  8. Individual and partnership approach in teaching. There are only 7 students for each teacher.
  9. World-renowned professors and scientists working in the departments of the faculty.
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