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The types of economic professions are so diverse and extensive that it is almost impossible to list them all, since economics, in essence, is the basis of society. The world is so organized that it cannot exist without basic financial relations. Therefore, professions related to economic or monetary manipulation will be in demand for this or that community. Every year thousands of students choose to study in this field in Czech and English.

Top economic specialties:

  • Banking
  • Economics and Business Administration
  • Finance and accounting (accounting)
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • International Trade
  • National Economy and others.

Which universities and cities?

Your best choice may be the Prague University of Economics, the largest and best university of economics. The university offers dozens of specialties at bachelor's, master's and doctoral level.

In addition, you can find economics departments and majors at the following universities throughout the Czech Republic:

Entry to universities of economics

Future economists need to be prepared to pass mathematics and one (rarely two) foreign languages. In most cases, the choice of language is given among European languages. When applying for a master's degree, knowledge of the basics of economics at the bachelor's level is tested, as well as an additional test on the specialty of admission. Foreign applicants may be tested on their knowledge of the Czech language. Everything takes place in the form of tests.

Admission to this range of specialties does not present any particular difficulties if you prepare well for the examinations. Among those who applied to the most prestigious universities, about 50% of applicants get in. It is not difficult to overcome such competition. Graduates of the Center who applied for economics (most of them to the Prague University of Economics) all overcame the competition and became students.

Is it promising?

Economics is the most popular specialty among applicants in recent years. This is due to the acute shortage on the labor and intellectual property market, which is caused by the constant inflow of foreign investments and companies from other countries to the Czech Republic and the progressive development of Czech business sectors. Therefore, graduates of economics majors from prestigious universities can expect to be well employed both in the Czech Republic and in other European and international countries.

Prague Education Center's training programs in economics

The following branches of the Prague Education Center offer training in the chosen field of study: Prague.

What the training program includes:

  • 980 hours of training, including specialized subjects;
  • Study of the Czech language to level B2/C1;
  • Preparation for entrance exams in accordance with university requirements;
  • Nostrification and visa counseling;
  • Meetings with students studying in technical specialties.

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