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Marketing, PR and advertising - in which universities to study?

Marketing, PR and advertising - in which universities to study? - 1

Trend hunting: looking for marketing at Czech universities

Name the most famous movie about marketing? The answer would probably be "99 francs". It's a great movie, but it's not really about marketing. It's about advertising. How about "The Knickerbocker"? Also a great movie, almost a classic. Except it's about PR.

Marketing, PR and advertising - it is a science, and an economic tool, and management functions, and communication processes, but above all - it is art, the art of selling. That means that specialists in this industry are like virtuoso musicians who, using their instruments, can do wonders!

Advertising and marketing are very attractive programs among applicants to Czech universities. For example, last year 642 applications were submitted for the specialty "Marketing Communications and Public Relations" at Charles University, and, for comparison, 548 applications were submitted for "Open Computer Science" at ČVUT - one of the popular majors.

There are not many higher education institutions in the Czech Republic where you can get education in this field, many universities are only in the process of receiving accreditation. What universities teach the above-mentioned fields of study and what is important for successful enrolment and study in them? Prague Education Center answers these questions.

Let's start our review with public universities that offer studies in the Czech language for free.

About Czech language requirements: Universities that offer Czech language courses on a "budgetary basis" require language exams at levels from B2 to C1. The right solution is to take Czech language courses, where you can not only achieve the required language level, but also prepare for other subjects that will be on the entrance exams.

Charles University, "Marketing Communications and PR"

The Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism, where you can study this specialty, belongs to the Faculty of Social Studies. The bachelor's degree is designed for 3 years. The main goal is to provide quality education at both theoretical and practical levels, which the graduate will be able to apply in professions related to communications: from press secretary to the top level in PR.

Training is built on the principle of holistic education of the individual, so students receive a broad knowledge of professional ethics and the consequences of working with the public. Afterwards, there is an opportunity to continue studies in related fields or start serving in government agencies, commercial and non-profit organizations.

How to enroll?

Entrance tests consist of 2 parts.

  • Written - passing tests in English and OSP (general prerequisites for learning), which tests different types of thinking. You can see examples here. The tests only take place 5 times a year, you need to register for them in advance.
  • The next part is the interview, where you have to show your motivation and talk about the literature you have read. It is obligatory to be oriented in Czech and international politics, history and humanities.

Recommended literature for preparation: show.

"The basis of any advertising is the need to get the customer to take his mind off his business and think about something else." С. Godin

Tomáši Bati University in Zlín, program "Media and Communication Studies"

This university is located in the city of Zlin, in the south-eastern part of the country. The bachelor's degree lasts 3 years as standard, then it is possible to continue with a master's degree (2 years). Master's studies are possible in the same specialty, not a similar one, unlike the aforementioned University of Prague.

UTB, as well as some other Czech state universities, provides the opportunity to choose subjects (in addition to compulsory ones) according to one's interests, and this will improve knowledge and help to become a sought-after specialist. Diploma Supplement - a document with information about the graduate and the qualification obtained in English, which facilitates communication with foreign institutions and employers.

The student will learn a lot from the field of marketing, economics, presentation of various products, advertising, etc.

Entrance exams

The exam for future bachelors is a written test that tests creative and logical thinking and knowledge of history, politics, culture, philosophy, economics, entrepreneurship and media. The entrance exam for the Master's program consists of 2 parts: tests in English language and previously studied topics and an oral part with a discussion.

Marketing, PR and advertising - in which universities to study? - 2

Technical University in Ostrava, "Marketing and Trade"

The specialty is taught at the Faculty of Economics, so the curriculum focuses on trade relations, macro- and microeconomics, law and computer science. Working with information and solving various problems are the main knowledge and abilities that students must acquire.

Entry requirements

For admission it is necessary to pass the general prerequisites test (Bachelor's program) and to write an exam in foreign language, economics, mathematics and statistics.

Higher School of Economics in Prague, Department of Marketing

Another option to get education in the mentioned professions is to study at the Higher School of Economics. There is no separate specialization in these areas, but there are faculties (management or business management, for example), where related subjects are studied in detail. Students gain essential practical and strategic skills and experience.

Already, marketing is being heavily promoted on the internet. Companies are being promoted on social media, websites, and lendings. It is for this reason that internet marketing is the specialty of the future. Many European, including Czech, universities pay special attention to the study of this type of marketing.

Vedlejší specializace marketing (3MK FPH or 2KK FMV) - these are programs for which HSE students can register through the university information system. However, you will have to pass entrance exams and prove your suitability to study. One of the specializations will help to build a career in the media sphere and is related to advertising and communications, the second one is aimed at working in companies and on the market of goods.

You can find more information here: www.kmg.vse.cz 

Marketing in private universities

Private universities also give you a chance to pursue higher education in your desired fields. The tuition is not free, but the entrance exams are easier. Some provide small discounts and scholarships.

About tuition fees: private universities offer tuition only on a fee basis. Prices vary between 50,000 and 120,000 CZK per academic year.

Graduate School of International and Public Relations, specialization Public Relations

The three-year bachelor's degree program is oriented towards graduates' practice in advertising agencies, government agencies and international organizations. Specialized subjects: basics of marketing, media communications, theory and practice of PR and similar. Continuation of studies is possible in the direction of "Political Science and Political Marketing". The university cooperates with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, some well-known companies and cultural centers, where students can take internships.

What to take on admission

The exam is an interview with the admission committee, which takes place in April, May, June and September and tests the applicant's knowledge in the humanities. Foreigners should bring with them a certified copy of their nostrification or diploma (if available). The results can be seen on the website within 3 days and received by letter within 30 days.

Graduate School of Finance and Management, "Marketing Communications"

This institution prepares specialists (bachelors and masters) to work in business and commerce, public and government institutions. With a bachelor's degree you can apply for a position as a consultant in the marketing field or find yourself in advertising and PR. The entrance exam is an interview. Foreigners must also prove their knowledge of the Czech language.    

Marketing, PR and advertising - in which universities to study? - 3

University of New York in Prague, Communication and Mass Media

The course of study is in English, lasts 4 years and combines theory and practice. A graduate can enter journalism, advertising, television or the event management business, for example. UNYP also offers the opportunity to take advantage of the Erasmus+ program. It is important that the diploma is double - European and American.

What you need for admission

You can apply for admission throughout the year. For admission, you will have to successfully pass an interview (including phone and video interviews) and pass an English language test or show TOEFL, IELTS, FCE and similar certificates. You will be required to write an essay in the first week of orientation and obtain a grade above D.

Graduate Prospects

Public relations, advertising and marketing are interesting and constantly evolving professions. There is room for creativity, creative thinking and career development. The average salary in the Czech Republic for a PR-manager is more than 43 thousand CZK, for a marketing specialist it is 52 thousand CZK. Monthly salary in an advertising agency can reach 70 thousand crowns. Of course, its size is influenced by work experience, position, work achievements and the seriousness of the organization.

Universum specializes in branding research and every year presents a ranking of the "most attractive employers".

The ranking is based on a survey of more than 25,000 Czech students at 78 higher education institutions across the country.

The following companies were in the top 10 among students with a specialization in marketing:

Marketing, PR and advertising are information technologies of promotion, the object of which are human feelings, emotions and beliefs. These three spheres of activity are closely related to each other, but each of them has its own toolkit.

Be on trend! Prague Education Center will prepare you for entry into marketing programs at the leading universities in the Czech Republic. You can complete the training not only in a full-time program, but also remotely. In a pandemic, such a program is a great solution. If you would like to receive a consultation or enroll in a training program, just apply.

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