Masaryk University in Brno (MU)

Masaryk University is one of the most popular universities in the Czech Republic. For more than a century of history, it has firmly taken a leading position among higher educational institutions in the Czech Republic, along with the legendary Charles University. 

What can I say! Every year, 4 Czech universities are included in the QS ranking of the best universities in the world, and Masaryk University is among them.

But you know what's the best part? This is a state university, which means that education in Czech is free in it. Moreover, you can simultaneously receive higher education in two programs.

In 2019, the city of Brno, where Masaryk University is located, entered the top ten student cities in the world according to the QS rating.

Let's take a closer look at one of the best universities in the Czech Republic!

"We are open to knowledge. Open up and you!"


Official name:
Masarykova Univerzita


Type of university: state

Language of instruction: Czech

Faculties: 9

Specialties: 100+

Number of years of study: 4-9 years

Training program:
bachelor's, master's, doctoral studies

The university has more than 40,000 students, of which about 17% are foreigners. Here they receive professions in their chosen specialties, participate in research projects, discuss with visiting professors of European and American universities, heads of large business projects, government representatives and members of diplomatic missions of different countries.

Students have the right to enroll in one faculty and, if studying is easy and there are no "tails", then in parallel attend lectures and seminars on another specialty. Today, the university offers a list of nine faculties with more than 1,400 disciplines, so any graduate of a secondary school can choose the most interesting and promising subject. 


The mission of the faculty is considered to be the training of future doctors, scientists and healthcare professionals. During its existence, many well-known experts have managed to work here. Graduates of the faculty apply their knowledge in medical and paramedical professions. Many of them find their place in research institutions. Working as a doctor abroad is not only popular, but also considered prestigious. Masaryk University offers the following directions:

  • Physical therapy
  • Laboratory diagnostics in healthcare
  • Dietetics
  • Optics and optometry
  • Orthoptics
  • Obstetrics
  • Radiological assistance
  • Nurse/nurse
  • Ambulance worker

Bachelor's and master's degrees of education are provided for future doctors and medical staff. To enroll in a medical school, an excellent command of the national language is required, the program is read only in Czech (except dentistry and general medicine, where English-speaking groups are also recruited). Despite the fact that Masaryk University is not a specialized medical university, it offers an education whose quality is not worse than that offered by the best medical universities in Europe.

Faculty of Pharmacy

On July 1, 2020, the Pharmaceutical Faculty of Masaryk University continued its work, after a 60-year break. The faculty was founded in 1952, and in 1960 it was moved to the capital of Slovakia. At the faculty, you can study in two master's and eight doctoral specialties.

Natural Sciences (Natural history)

The Faculty of Natural Sciences of Masaryk University offers training in mathematical sciences, physics, chemistry, biology and Earth sciences. High quality of education is the subject of intensive scientific activity, and is considered one of the priorities of the faculty. For curious people who want to learn new information every day and be able to combine the acquired knowledge with already known facts, it is advisable to enroll in the university in the following specialties:

  • Anthropology
  • Applied and ecological geology
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology with a specialization in education
  • Ecological and evolutionary biology
  • Experimental and molecular biology
  • Physics
  • Physics – Nanotechnology
  • Physics with a specialization in education
  • Geography and cartography
  • Geography and cartography with specialization in education
  • Geology
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry and technology of materials for preservation and restoration
  • Chemistry with specialization in education
  • Medical biology and Biomedicine
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics with a specialization in education
  • Environment and health

Here innovations and traditions get along perfectly, allowing students to experiment and make scientific discoveries even before entering the "big life". For the effectiveness of teaching, Masaryk University has equipped ultramodern laboratories with high-precision equipment, 9 libraries with Internet access work for students. The language of instruction is only Czech.


The Pedagogical Faculty began its work in the fall of 1946 as the fifth faculty of Masaryk University.

The main task of the faculty today, as in the past, is to train teachers for kindergartens, primary schools and in some areas for secondary schools. In addition, the faculty offers research in the field of special education and social pedagogy. The faculty has more than six thousand students. The Czech Republic needs highly qualified teachers, so one of the departments of Masarykov University in Brno trains teachers:

  • English in education
  • Czech language and literature in the field of education
  • History in the field of education
  • French for Business
  • French in education
  • Physics in education
  • Music education in the field of education
  • Chemistry in education
  • Speech therapy
  • Mathematics in education
  • German language in education
  • Civic education and the foundations of social sciences in the field of education
  • Natural science in the field of education
  • Russian language in the field of education
  • Social pedagogy and leisure
  • Special pedagogy
  • Special pedagogy in the field of education
  • Technical and information education in the field of education
  • Training of teachers of practical education
  • Teacher training for kindergartens
  • Health education in the field of education
  • Artistic education and visual creativity in the field of education
  • Geography in the field of education

There are also directions in special pedagogy and a department that graduates teaching assistants. Since it is assumed that teachers can teach in any country (and the diploma of Masaryk University is quoted in the EU countries), the applicant can choose English and Czech languages of instruction. However, you can study for free only in Czech-speaking groups.

Computer Science

The Faculty of Computer Science was founded in 1994 as the first faculty of its kind and in many ways anticipated the appearance of similar faculties at other universities. The faculty offers a learning system as open as possible, which allows students to choose and focus on the selected programs. The faculty has modern means of broadband communication networks, the entire area covers the faculty with wireless communication technology. The faculty has developed and operates an information system of the university to support educational activities and e-learning. This system has received a prestigious award as the best European university information system. For graduates who want to devote themselves to working with computers and related processes, we recommend studying at a university in the following areas:

  • Computer science
  • Computer science in education
  • Cybersecurity
  • Programming and application development
  • Philosophical

The first lectures were held in Brno in the academic year 1921/1922 with 128 students. Currently, the faculty still studies traditional disciplines, but also supports the development of new subjects. "Philosophy" is a broad concept. Admission to the university at this faculty is an opportunity to study in depth:

  • English language and literature
  • Archaeology
  • Archival business
  • Baltic Studies
  • Czech language and literature
  • Japanese studies
  • History of Antiquity
  • Art History
  • Theater studies
  • Aesthetics
  • Ethnology
  • Philosophy
  • French language and literature
  • History
  • Musicology
  • Working with information and librarianship
  • Italian language and literature
  • Japanese studies
  • South Slavic and Balkan studies
  • Catalan language and literature
  • Classical Archaeology
  • Classical Greek language and literature
  • Latin language and literature
  • Mediterranean studies
  • Museology
  • German language and literature
  • Modern Greek language and literature
  • General linguistics
  • Pedagogy
  • Computational linguistics
  • Polish studies
  • Auxiliary historical sciences
  • Portuguese language and literature
  • Psychology 
  • The study of religion
  • Russian studies
  • Study of the arts
  • Social pedagogy and counseling
  • Spanish language and literature
  • Theory and history of cinematography and audiovisual culture
  • Interactive media theory
  • Translation of the Czech sign language
  • Ukrainian studies
  • Vietnamese studies

Despite the "old-fashioned" direction, the competition for the Faculty of Philosophy of Masaryk University is a decent 1.5 people per place. Perhaps because for students, studying here is not only useful and interesting, but also in demand in the Czech Republic, as a country with a rich historical and cultural past that requires not only study, but also some care.

Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Studies was established in 1998 as an independent faculty of Masaryk University. In 2005, the faculty moved to a newly renovated building, which offers excellent conditions for students.

 Do you want to devote yourself to working with people in the future? Consider the proposals provided by the Faculty of Social Sciences of Masaryk University, which trains specialists in the field of:

  • Security and strategic research
  • Environmental studies
  • European studies
  • Medial research and journalism
  • International relations
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Social anthropology
  • Social work
  • Sociology
  • State and social policy and human resources

Students who speak Czech can study here, but English-speaking (commercial) groups are also recruited so that in the future graduates can work in countries where the population communicates in English.


The Faculty of Economics and Management was established in 1990 and began operating in September 1991. The main task of the Faculty of Economics and Management is the development of education and research in economic sciences. The Faculty participates in research projects jointly with the National Education Fund, the Grant Fund, the Institute of Economics and the Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. According to the statistics of the Czech Employment Bureau, the university produces "cadres" who will not face unemployment in the next 20-30 years. Surveys of employers have shown a high demand for graduates of the Faculty of Economics of Masarikov University in Brno. 97.5% of bachelors and masters get a prestigious position in the first 2-3 months after graduation. The following university specialties are available for applicants:


  • Finance
  • Finance and law
  • Economic policy
  • Enterprise economics and management
  • Computer science at the enterprise
  • Regional development and tourism
  • State economy and management
  • Juridical

At the Faculty of Law, students study law and jurisprudence for 5 years (before awarding a master's title, without allocating a bachelor's degree). It is worth paying attention to the activity of applicants and the high competition, the percentage of applicants here is only 25%. It is noteworthy that you can get a law degree only at 4 certain faculties of universities, including this one. The Faculty of Masaryk University trains lawyers of a wide profile, offering training in the departments:

  • History of the State and law
  • Financial law and national economy
  • International and European law
  • Civil law
  • Commercial law
  • Labor law and social security
  • Environmental law and land law
  • Legal theory
  • Administrative science and administrative law
  • Criminal law
  • Constitutional law and Political science.

The structure of the faculty also includes:

  • Institute of Law and Technology
  • Institute for Justice
  • Center for Additional Education.


The Faculty of Sports is the youngest faculty of the university, was founded in early 2002 in connection with the development of sports education in the region. The character of the faculty is based on the traditions of sports and physical culture in the city of Brno.

The faculty applies and develops the knowledge about sports medicine necessary in the field of sports education, transmits to students the latest knowledge in the field of nutrition and regeneration in sports and in everyday life, trains qualified specialists for educational activities in the social sphere and recreation. Sport is not just about medals and training. This is a kind of science that requires qualified specialists in advertising, rehabilitation, dietetics and many other areas. Admission to a university in Brno is an opportunity to get a prestigious profession in the following specialties:

  • Physical therapy
  • Personal Fitness trainer
  • Physical education and sports

How would you like to combine, for example, an economic education and at the same time study as a psychologist? A good investment in a profitable future, isn't it? Especially taking into account the fact that education at the university, according to the State Program of the Czech Republic, is carried out mainly on a budgetary basis.

One of the mottos of Masarykov University in Brno is: "If you care about your future, we will make sure that you prepare for it in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere full of opportunities." The truth of the words was confirmed by more than one generation of graduates — famous scientists, doctors, researchers, lawyers are among the graduates of the educational institution.


Masaryk University, located in the city of Brno, occupies a special place among the best universities in the Czech Republic:

7 reasons to study at Masaryk University in Brno

"We are looking for students who are not afraid to think," it is stated on the main page of the university's official website. So that young people do not hesitate to experiment and develop, the university offers:

  • Choosing a suitable profession from hundreds of specialties in various fields.
  • Accommodation in a modern campus, the largest in Brno and with all the "buns" — wireless Internet, comfortable rooms, meals in cafeterias.
  • Work in libraries, both in paper and digital versions. No desire to sit in the hall? A library card allows you to use electronic information from a dorm room.
  • Participation in scientific research. Masarykov University successfully cooperates with well-known corporations and concerns, and the state finances its research. Therefore, scientific activity as a student is an opportunity to find a high–paying job even before receiving a diploma.
    Minimal paperwork. All data on lectures, practical classes, academic performance, reporting, scholarships, etc. are entered in a single information center. Such a system saves time — a student can contact a teacher electronically at any time, "work out" a missed lesson, see that a scholarship has come, sign up for an exchange program.
  • The possibility of studying abroad. The university is a partner of dozens of institutes and universities in Europe, using the Erasmus program, you can improve your qualifications by spending 1-2 semesters in foreign educational institutions.
  • Support in any life situation. You can always ask for help. There are consulting centers and a training department on the campus, social discounts are available for students, including for travel. 

Masaryk University, according to the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic, is one of the favorites of the industry. The prospects of graduates in employment are pleasing: the unemployment rate of holders of diplomas of this higher educational institution is about 2.5%, that is, out of 4,000 students, 3,900 people get a job immediately after graduation. Moreover, there are no territorial restrictions – the diploma allows you to find a job not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and other European countries.

Features of admission to the University of the Czech Republic for foreign applicants

Masaryk University is known as a democratic university, there are no divisions into their own and others' here. However, before you become a member of a huge and friendly student fraternity and receive a prestigious higher education, you will have to pass certain tests.

Language training

To confirm the knowledge of the Czech language at least at the level of a student of the 10th grade of a Czech school, studying at the university implies knowledge of terminology, the ability to communicate, read fluently. If there is a desire to get a decent education, it is advisable to enroll in a language school already in the final grades. Why is this necessary? Good courses in a few months will provide you with a good language base, help you with admission to an educational institution and provide a certificate that will eliminate the need for re-examination in the Czech Republic.

Do you want to study Czech and study at Masaryk University at the same time? Then it is for you that the preparatory courses of the Czech language have been created. During the training, you will not only learn Czech, but also prepare for the TSP test. Sign up for the course, and this year will be able to start studying at the best university in the Czech Republic.

The training programs in the Czech Republic and the CIS countries differ. Naturally, teaching at Masarikov University is based on the knowledge gained in Czech schools, so you will have to confirm that your knowledge is no worse, and maybe better, than that of the Czechs.

This factor also applies to diploma holders who want to enroll in a master's or doctoral program. Nostrification takes from 20 to 40 days, respectively, it is better to prepare for it in advance so as not to miss the school year.

Preparation of documents

A nostrified certificate/diploma is not the only documents that must be submitted for admission. Also, prepare a medical certificate and insurance in a timely manner, a long-term visa (for countries where visa-free is not provided), a certificate of solvency (a bank statement is enough).

University entrance exams

Since Masarykov University is one of the most popular in the Czech Republic, the selection of certificates for the competition does not take place here. All applicants take entrance exams defined for each faculty. Admission conditions are not "draconian", but they differ from the usual ones in the CIS, since preference is given to testing rather than written and oral work.

Special narrowly focused examination tickets are being developed for the sports, social and medical faculties of Masaryk University, the rest of the applicants pass the TSP (test for prerequisites for training).

The purpose of testing is to identify people who will not "pull" a rather complex and voluminous program or will not be able to adapt to unusual learning conditions. To do this, the "questionnaire" includes sections covering diverse areas. Thus, the level of knowledge of various subjects is unobtrusively checked and at the same time an approximate "psychological portrait" of the applicant is compiled.

Are you not afraid to think and are ready to study in order to guarantee yourself a good job with a decent salary? Masarykov University in Brno is waiting for your application, receiving documents annually, from January to the end of March.

Testimonials from our students
Testimonials from our students
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