Specialized training

In addition to learning the Czech language, the Prague Education Center offers training programs in specialized terminology, as well as specialized preparation programs for entrance exams.

Students of the Prague Education Center can choose a specialized training depending on the chosen specialty and the priority university for admission.

Program for learning specialized terminology

The program includes 210 hours of studying special vocabulary in specialized subjects, which allows students to prepare more consciously for admission and future studies:

  • technical specialties;
  • basics of economic theory;
  • natural sciences;
  • social sciences;
  • cultural studies;
  • introduction to the history of art;
  • Czech realities.

The distribution by field of study is based on the choice of specialty for admission to the university.

Specialized training program for university admission

Students of the Prague Education Center can choose to prepare for entrance exams depending on the chosen specialized university or field of study.

PEC provides training in the following areas:

When choosing a field of study, you need to remember that these subjects will be required not only to pass the entrance exams, but also for further successful study at the institute. To ensure quality training, we advise you to take into account the specialization of the training centers when choosing PEC and branch academic programs. The dotted lines in the table opposite the specialized universities reflect the specialization of the PEC Study Center depending on the chosen university.

Teachers of the preparatory courses are experienced educators who teach specialized subjects in Czech schools or universities and know the differences in the curricula of the Czech and CIS educational systems.

In addition to teachers, alumni of the Center, now students of various universities, participate in the preparation process and are ready to provide detailed information on all the details of admission and where to obtain entrance exam questions from previous years.

Training materials used in the courses:

Study guides issued by universities. Other materials designed to prepare for admission. Tests and exams from previous years. PEC teachers' own materials

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