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How do I open a student visa to the Czech Republic?

How do I open a student visa to the Czech Republic? - 1

A prestigious diploma, affordable tuition fees, high level of knowledge - these are only a small part of the factors that determine the choice of applicants from CIS countries to study in the Czech Republic. To become the owner of the coveted diploma of a university, college or to improve the knowledge of the language of this country, one cannot do without a long-term student visa.

To move to another country on any basis, be it work, business or study, you will need a document that allows you to stay in another country legally. In most cases, this is a visa, but not a regular tourist visa, but a long-term visa.

This type of visa gives the right to stay legally on the Czech territory from 3 months to one year to applicants who have entered Czech educational institutions.

Is it realistic to get a visa, when is the best time to start registration and what is required for this? Let's understand these questions in our article.

What are the chances of getting a visa?

The main question of any applicant aspiring to become a real Czech student is "Will I be able to get a visa?".

The answer is: of course! The main task is to demonstrate at the embassy interview that you are motivated to study and not to emigrate.

According to statistics, the percentage of refusals in obtaining a student visa in the Czech Republic is minimal. And we have made sure of this in our own practice. 99.2% of applicants who come to us for language courses become happy owners of the coveted visa in their passport from the first time.

The most common reasons for refusal are unclear reasoning of the purpose of the trip at the interview and problems with the documents (expiration of their validity period, inappropriate form of submission, mistakes made due to ignorance or inattention).

As in any European country, in the Czech Republic there are different types of authorization documents:

  • Transit visa. A specific document for quickly crossing the borders of the Czech Republic.
  • Short-term visa C. Used for tourist purposes. Does not allow its holder to stay in the Czech Republic longer than 3 months in total. Not suitable for study or work.
  • Long-term visa D. The most convenient option for those wishing to study in the Czech Republic. Gives the right to work, run a business and study.
  • Residence permit (VNZh). Usually the next step after the D visa and is applied for on the same basis.
  • Permanent Residence Permit (PRP). A document that gives the holder almost all the same rights as Czech citizens. You will not be able to vote in elections. It is necessary for those who have already decided to tie their future life with the new country and in the future wants to obtain citizenship.

How long does the consulate consider the application?

The holder of a long-term visa can legally reside in the territory of the Czech Republic from 3 months to a year. This depends on the period of study. Applicants get long-term student visas even just by taking Czech language courses. It is important - the organizers of these courses must be accredited by the Ministry of Education. Of course, all foreign students of Czech universities are easily granted annual visas, which are then very easy to extend without leaving the country.

A visa application is processed by law from 60 to 120 days - the final deadline depends on the institution you wish to apply to, the workload of the visa office and the status of your application.

If you have submitted a full set of documents, the processing will take a fairly short time and will be approximately 2 months.

In some cases it is possible to increase the term up to 6 months (there is a need to correct the documents, their shortage), so calculate the time and apply in advance to get a visa before the start of studies.

In which city should I apply?

You should apply at the consular section of the Embassy of the Czech Republic, which is assigned to your region. In Russia they are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg; in Kazakhstan - Nur-Sultan; in Belarus - Minsk; in Ukraine - Lviv and Kiev. The application together with the package of documents should be submitted only in person. To make an appointment, you will need to send a letter to the consulate's e-mail.

The application letter should contain: the student's name, date of birth and contact details, a document confirming acceptance, scan and number of the passport. Within three days, you will be informed of the date of acceptance at the embassy.

Can I travel with a Czech visa?

A student visa allows you to leave the Czech Republic and travel to all Schengen countries. This means that you can stay in Austria, the Netherlands, France or other member states of the agreement.

Can I work on a student visa?

You can study and work on a student visa. Part-time work is an official earning option for students of Czech educational institutions. For 150 hours annually you can pack parcels, work as a waiter, secretary, cashier. Alas, you won't earn much: the average pay per hour ranges from 70 to 120 CZK.

Is it difficult to extend my visa?

Due to the fact that the visa is issued only for a limited period of time - for six months or a year, then when you move to the next course or even a semester, it must be extended. To do this, you do not have to leave the country, it is enough to submit a package of documents to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This should be done not earlier than 90 and not later than 14 days before the expiration date.

The set of required documents for renewal is almost identical to the one required for visa issuance. Some of its components will not be required at all - for example, a certificate of criminal record, as well as a bank card when opening an account in the Czech Republic.

It will take about 2 months to process the first visa extension. When you submit your application, it will be assigned a number, by which you can track the progress. To have no doubt that your student visa to the Czech Republic will be extended, contact us. We hold informational lectures where we will explain in detail all the possible pitfalls that exist.

Types of student visas in the Czech Republic

  • Long-term - the most optimal and fastest variant of student visa to the Czech Republic for Kazakhs, Ukrainians, Russians, and citizens of other CIS countries. It is issued for a period of 6 months, and registration takes at least 60 days. Upon arrival in the country, you will also need to register with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • Residence permit. The main differences are an interview in Czech and a different application form. The main advantages are the possibility to stay in the country for a year or two, as well as the possibility of extending it many times. In case of a positive decision you will be granted a visa for 2 months. During this time after registration in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic you will receive a residence permit.

There is no fundamental difference between these types of visas - they give equal opportunities for study. But only the second option will require more effort, so applicants initially apply for a student visa, and at the end of its validity request a residence permit.

Documents for a student visa:

About 90% of future students and students come to the Czech Republic to study legally without any problems. The most important thing is to correctly draw up a package of documents and competently prepare for its submission. And remember that the preparation of some papers may take some time. Start collecting them very, very early.

  • Filled out in Latin according to the sample application form. The form and instructions are available on the embassy's website;
  • Valid for at least 11 months after the expiration of the visa passport.
  • 2 identical color photos in 3.5*4.5 cm format. On the reverse side, do not forget to indicate the date of birth, surname and first name in Latin;
  • Medical insurance obtained from a Czech insurance company. The contract must specify its type – comprehensive insurance with the amount of covered expenses of at least 60,000 euros valid for the entire visa period. It will save you from any expenses in case of health problems. It is also necessary to keep a receipt for its payment, which you will need to provide when you receive a ready-made visa at the embassy.
  • The original document confirming the study at an educational institution in the Czech Republic. It is sent by mail after payment of the full cost (or part of the amount) for the training;
  • Confirmation of the financial viability of the future student. To study during the year, you will need an amount of 5,000 euros in your account. 

This is necessary in order to convince the representatives of the consulate of the seriousness of your intentions. According to the consulate staff, having the necessary amount of money in the account will allow you to devote all your time to studying, rather than looking for a part-time job.

— if you have a personal account. It is necessary to submit an international bank card issued in the name of the student, and a certificate from the bank about the availability of the required amount in the account. The following data should be reflected in the document: the name and surname of the owner, the amount and currency of the account, as well as its equivalent in euros, card data. Please note: this amount cannot be used before obtaining a visa!

— if a student is under 18 years old and does not have a personal account, then account data is provided to another person — for example, mother or father. You will need: a photocopy of the bank card in the name of the student, the account holder's data, as well as information that the student can use it.

Please note: not all banks issue certificates of the proper form. Therefore, before sending them to the embassy, consult with us so as not to be refused a visa in the future.

  • Agreement on the availability of a place of residence for the entire period of study. This document will demonstrate to the representatives of the consulate that upon arrival in the country you will not stay on the street with a suitcase in your hands. All international students are offered a place in a hostel — to get it, it will be enough to fill out a form on the website and get confirmation.

The cost of a monthly stay will be from 150 euros. Wait for all the necessary documentation to be sent along with the training agreement and provide it to the embassy. Do you have your own or rented housing in the Czech Republic and you do not need the help of an educational institution in choosing a hostel? Then you will have to spend time and effort on collecting documents:

— to confirm the ownership of housing, an extract from the real estate cadastre will be required (ordered in the Czech Republic)

— if the lease/ sublease agreement is concluded with a legal entity — an extract from the trade register (ordered in the Czech Republic);

— if you rent an apartment or a room from a private person — a power of attorney.

— confirmation of the availability of a place of residence for the entire period of study

  • Certificate of no criminal record from your country. It can be ordered at the place of residence in the appropriate authority, which depends on the region in which you live. The production time of the certificate is 30-60 days from the date of dispatch. If you have been in another country for more than six months in the last three years, then you will need to obtain a similar document in it.
  • An A4 envelope and a postcard "Delivery Notification", on which your address is indicated in Latin letters in the "Recipient" column. This will be required to send you a decision on the application, if it is not possible to contact by phone.
  • Copies of all documents except the application.

What additional documents will be required if the student is under 18:

  • written consent from both parents to cross the border. Upon request, we will provide a sample of it;
  • a death certificate or a court decision if one of the parents has died or is deprived of parental rights;
  • birth certificate;

Be prepared for the fact that the consulate staff may ask you to provide other documents, as well as invite you for an additional interview.

All documents are submitted to the consulate in person, these are the requirements. The documents must be translated into Czech and certified by a court interpreter. If there is no consulate in your city, then the best way to resolve the issue is to send the documents to us for translation. It will cost significantly less than the services of a court interpreter in your country. To make an appointment, you need to send a letter with the necessary information to the consulate's email address.

How can we help?

Do you still have questions related to how to get a student visa to the Czech Republic? The Prague Education Center provides free consultations for everyone who plans to get an education in the Czech Republic. How can we help:

  • we will provide housing and relevant documents on accommodation and training (in case of arrival at the preparatory courses in our Center);
  • we will advise and tell you how to successfully pass an interview at the embassy;
  • we will help you with the translation of the documents required for visa processing into Czech;
  • we will also answer any questions that arise in connection with obtaining a visa.
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