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Technical professions usually include professions related to information technology, mechanics or technical sciences. The list of these professions is very rich and diverse, so you should choose based solely on your skills and desires. However, even in technical jobs there is a small element of creativity. Education in this direction will always and everywhere be in demand, so current applicants can not worry about future employment.

The very word "technique" has several interpretations at once. It is understood as tools and production skills that a person has mastered, as well as techniques that are used in their work.

Technical capabilities of the Czech Republic are widely known far beyond the borders of the country and Europe. The quality technical education that students receive here is based on practice and has a long historical tradition. After graduation, specialists are in high demand.

The highest priority technical specialties are:

  • Architecture;
  • Biomedical Technology;
  • Chemical Technology;
  • Transportation Engineering;
  • Electrical Engineering and Communications;
  • Computer Science;
  • Nuclear Engineering;
  • Construction Engineering;
  • Mechanical Engineering;
  • Military Technology and others.

Top Technical Universities in the Czech Republic

Two top technical universities, Czech Technical University in Prague and Technical University in Brno, can be a worthy choice for future professionals in this field. They cover the whole range of specialties at the highest level. The universities actively cooperate with the private and public sector, as well as engage in scientific developments in various directions.

In addition, you can find faculties and specialties of technical orientation in the following universities throughout the Czech Republic:

How to enter a technical university in the Czech Republic?

Future technicians and technologists need to be prepared to be tested in math and physics (in most cases) at the high school level. There are faculties that accept students without examinations, based on the grades in the school certificate in specialized subjects.

The chances of admission are quite high, and it is necessary to prepare for the study itself rather than for admission. The future student should pay a lot of attention to his or her knowledge of the Czech language. There may not be enough time to "finish" it during the studies.

Is it promising?

Today, specialists in this field are considered to be among the highest paid in the Czech Republic and in the whole of Europe. Heavy industry is the backbone of the country's economy. Large and small companies are scattered throughout the Czech Republic. The automobile industry is well developed here, which gives excellent future prospects for graduates of the mechanical engineering faculty and not only.

In addition, Czech education is widely valued outside the country. Graduates can find jobs all over Europe. Students can successfully establish profitable contacts and gain experience already during practical training.

Prague Education Center's training programs for technical specialties

The following branches of the Prague Education Center offer training in the chosen field of study: Prague.

What the training program includes:

  • 860 hours of training, including specialized subjects;
  • Study of the Czech language to level B2/C1;
  • Preparation for entrance exams in accordance with university requirements;
  • Nostrification and visa counseling;
  • Meetings with students studying in technical specialties.

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