Brno Technical University (VUT)

The Czech Technical University in Brno is among the top 500 world universities (QS TopUniversities) and offers education in construction, economics, natural history and art history specialties to both Czech citizens and foreigners.

Brno Technical University, as a rule, does not leave the top 5% in the world of academic rankings. According to experts, the strongest direction in the university is "Engineering and Technology", in this direction the university occupies the 263rd position in the world. The educational institution has a high reputation among employers all over the world.

The Technical University in Brno is the oldest university in this city.


Official name:
Vysoké učení technické v Brně


Type of university: state

Language of instruction: Czec

Number of years of study: 4-9 years

Training program:
bachelor's, master's, doctoral studies

VUT is the oldest university built in the 19th century. Specialists produced by this institution are in demand among employers.. The university is known for its rich history, famous graduates, and excellent quality of education. And it all started with the opening of a small vocational school.

The University has several buildings, which are located in the historical and academic district of the city − Královo Pole. All the buildings have been restored, however, they retain the architectural elements of the period of their creation.


In 1899, the Austrian emperor and Hungarian King Franz Joseph I signed a decree on the establishment of a college that was supposed to graduate professional builders. For 20 years, the school produced artisans, but with the development of industry, there was a need to expand specialties, and a university was founded on the basis of the college.

Interestingly, the first issue consisted of only 47 people, and lectures and seminars on all subjects were conducted by 4 professors. Feel the difference — today the Technical University in Brno has over 22,000 students, more than 14,000 graduates of schools and technical schools try to enroll here every year, there are 8 faculties (about 200 departments) in the structure of the institution, where classes are taught not only by teachers, but also by invited specialists in the profile industry.


Today, applicants have the opportunity to enroll in the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Architecture;
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications;
  • Faculty of Chemistry;
  • Faculty of Information Technology;
  • Faculty of Entrepreneurship;
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering;
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering;
  • Faculty of Art;
  • Faculty of Law;

On the basis of the Technical University in Brno work:

  • Institute of Engineering in a court case;
  • European Institute of Technology;
  • Sports Events Center.

According to the world-famous British consulting company Quacquarelli Symonds, the Technical University in Brno immediately falls into a number of prestigious rankings of all universities in the world.

So, according to the results, VUT turned out to be:

  • ranked 651st in the list of the best universities in Europe, America and Asia;
  • 201 positions among the best technical higher education institutions in the world;
  • on the 22nd place in the ranking of the most prestigious universities in Developing Europe and Central Asia;
  • on the 251st line in the list of universities with high employment rates.

In this video, graduates of the Prague Educational Center studying at VUT talk about their impressions of their studies.

Training programs

Certified by the European Commission of Experts on ECTS Label and DS Label versions, the educational institution offers several forms of education, respectively, different levels of education. Graduates of the Technical University in Brno (according to the information provided on the official website) are awarded the following degrees:

  • bachelor's degree (duration of study from 3 to 4 years) — Sun, BcA. This degree is awarded in the specialty "art art", in other areas further training and obtaining a higher degree are possible.
  • Master's degree (duration of study 4.5-6 years upon admission to the first year, 1.5-2 years with a bachelor's degree) — Ing., Ing. Arch.
  • Doctor of Sciences (duration of study from 3 to 4 years on the basis of higher education).

Theoretical classes are conducted by teachers with many years of experience who have been trained in highly accredited foreign educational institutions, and practice, thanks to cooperation with numerous scientific and technical companies, can take place in well-known industrial, scientific or research organizations and agencies.

Brno University maintains partnerships with:

  • association of Universities in biomedical engineering and bionics;
  • concerns Škoda Auto, Philips, Flextronics, ABB, IBM;
    centers of applied Cybernetics, aviation and Space Research, Moravian Innovation, machine-building production equipment and
  • technologies.

Such a variety of partners allows not only to provide students with cognitive practice, but also, with good academic performance, to provide them with a prestigious job.

Information for applicants

The university is state-owned, so citizens of the Czech Republic and foreign applicants have the opportunity to study for free. For applicants who do not speak Czech and English (namely, classes are held in them), the best solution is to take language courses.

Entrance exams are written tests. For special specialties (Faculty of Arts, Architecture, etc.), a creative competition is required. 

Faculty of Architecture: 2 stages. The first stage is a creative exam in January, which includes a drawing task from a figure, an architecture task – interior, exterior, composition, spatial drawing. The second stage is the enrollment of the results on the prerequisites for OSP SCIO training.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies: test of mathematics and physics, or mathematics and fundamentals of Computer Science.

Faculty of Chemistry: written test.

Faculty of Information Technology: Admission is based on the National Comparative Exam.

Faculty of Entrepreneurship: it consists of two stages. A test on the prerequisites for learning, then an English language test.

Faculty of Construction: the exam consists of three parts: descriptive geometry, mathematics, discussion.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering: tests in physics and mathematics.

Faculty of Fine Arts: portfolio demonstration, then creative exam (art history test and general level of culture).

How language courses will help in admission

The preparatory center Prague Education Center not only provides the necessary level of Czech, but also prepares in specialized subjects and terminology. As a result, the applicant receives a full range of knowledge and, a year later, is fully ready to take the entrance exams. Moreover, during the courses students are introduced to the university system and requirements, which significantly helps to feel comfortable in the first months of study at the university.

Testimonials from our students
Testimonials from our students
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