Accommodation in Prague

Accommodation in Prague. Offer valid for the academic year 2023/2024

How do I choose and book accommodation in Prague? Read all the information on this page and choose where you want to live in Prague. Reserve your accommodation option through the Center's information system. Follow the instructions that will be provided in response to your application.

We have gathered here the most comfortable residences in the city of Prague. You can choose the best place to live. But remember that renting a room in Prague starts from 9000 CZK per month. And living in a comfortable residence, you will not only save money, but you will also be able to quickly find new friends.

River Hills Student Residence

Troja 1Troja 2Troja 3Troja 4Troja 5Troja 6Troja 7Troja 8Troja 9


  • 320€/month for a place in a 3-bed room
  • from 365€/month for a place in a 2-bed room

Residence class: premium

Address: V Podhoří 844/24, 17100, Praha 7.

Accommodation options: 2-bed rooms, 3-bed rooms in blocks of 2+3, 3+3, 3+2+2.

Facilities: 1 or 2 bathrooms per block, kitchen for 1 or 2 blocks, depending on the chosen accommodation option.

Free services in the residence: Wi-Fi, study room, equipped kitchens, dishwashers, washers and dryers, iron, ironing board, vacuum cleaner, change of bed linen once every 2 weeks, cleaning of common areas/

Location: quiet, environmentally friendly, villa neighborhood Prague 7, near the famous Prague Zoo, bus stop and river streetcar are a 3-minute walk from the residence.

Curatorial support: provided by a Russian-speaking curator of the Prague Education Center.

Quiet, safe neighborhood, ideal for living and sports activities - walking, running, bicycles, rollerblades, table tennis, exercise equipment, etc.

GREENPARK Student Campus

Общежитие Oasis 1Общежитие Oasis 2Общежитие Oasis 3Общежитие Oasis 4Общежитие Oasis 5Общежитие Oasis 6Общежитие Oasis 7Общежитие Oasis 8Общежитие Oasis 9Общежитие Oasis 10Общежитие Oasis 11

Most of the instruction of the Czech language preparatory course for students living in the Greenpark residence hall takes place on campus, which saves travel time and allows students to focus on their studies. For the convenience of students, the campus houses the Student Office where students can receive informational support.

The academic area includes: classrooms, computer lab, library, Student Office, and recreational area.


Shared room:

  • From 295€/month for a place in a 4-bed room
  • from 325€/month for a 3-bed room
  • From 355€/month for a 2-bed room

Apartment room:

  • from 325€/month 4-bed room
  • from 355€/month for a 3-bed room
  • from 375€/month 2-bed room
  • from 395€/month 1-bed room (2 rooms)

Residence class: premium

Location: quiet, environmentally friendly area of Prague, bus stop is 200 m from the campus, 35 minutes from the city center.

Accommodation options: 1, 2, 3 and 4-bed rooms

Facilities: kitchen and bathroom per block in Apartment Rooms, kitchen and bathroom for several rooms in Shared room-standard and Shared room-basic. Each room is equipped with its own refrigerator.

Free services in the residence: Wi-Fi, change of bed linen once every 2 weeks, cleaning of public areas, security, sports ground, study rooms, library, grilling area, regular student activities (picnics, quests, sports events).

Curatorial support: provided by a Russian-speaking curator of the Prague Educational Center.

The dormitory is located in a green neighborhood of Prague, comfortable accommodation ideal for study and sporting pastime - bicycles, rollerblades, table tennis.

In 5 minutes drive the largest water park in the Czech Republic.

Address: V Pitkovičkách 11, 10400, Praha 22.


  1. In each of the residences, room cleaning is done by the student himself/herself. Bed linen, iron, ironing board and kettle are provided in the residences. Towels, dishes and utensils are either purchased by you or brought with you
  2. When booking accommodation for the receipt of documents, you must pay a refundable to the Center's account, which is a guarantee of payment by the Center of the actual costs incurred in the process of processing documents confirming the student's residence in one of the Center's dormitories.
  3. If the student chooses an individual accommodation reservation, he/she pays a deposit to the residence account equal to the cost of one month's stay. The deposit does not constitute payment for the first month's stay.
    The deposit is refunded upon check-out, according to the rules established by the residence.

If you are not satisfied with the accommodation offered, you can decide on your own. The cost of accommodation in rented apartments varies from 400 to 700 euros per month/person. If you choose your own accommodation, you should inform us about your decision in writing to

If you need advice or if you have any questions regarding the choice of accommodation, please contact the advisors of the Central Student Services Department of the Prague Education Center.

Central Applicant Services Department:

Viber/WhatsApp/Telegram:(+420) 777077110

  • Czech Republic +420 228 885 771

Skype: PragueEducationCenter, e-mail:

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