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University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice

University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice - 1

Prospective education on a budget: admission to the University of South Bohemia (Ceske Budejovice)

The University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice has been a center of education, research and science in the southern part of the Czech Republic for more than twenty-five years. The university offers a wide range of majors including natural sciences, economics, health and social sciences, education and humanities. Students have a wide range of study opportunities with two or more degrees in cooperation with universities in Austria, Germany, France and Spain.

The support of the national program of free admission of students allows the University of South Bohemia to "grow" specialists for its own research center, which is how the University of South Bohemia positions itself. The goal of the university is to produce qualified specialists capable of solving problems in natural, social and humanitarian spheres. Graduates are not threatened with unemployment, according to the statistics of the state employment service 93% of students find a job within 3 months after graduation. And not only in the Czech Republic, but also in other European countries.

The great goal of education is not only knowledge, but above all action. N.I. Miron

What is the attractiveness of enrolling in a South Bohemian university?

Studying at the University of Budějovice is not only promising because of the problem-free employment in Europe. It is also an opportunity for students to participate in international scientific projects. The university has its own polar station on Svalbard, where the problem of global warming is studied, and close cooperation with the Ministry of Agricultural Sciences allows providing students with interesting and informative places for practical training.

Education at no cost - it's a reality here. In addition to free academic programs, students have the opportunity to take semester or year-long courses at the expense of the university at partner institutions, of which the University of South Bohemia has more than 300 worldwide, including universities:

  • Brittany-Sud, France
  • Paris Descartes, France
  • Da Salamanca, Spain
  • Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria
  • Francis & Westsächsiche, Zwickau, Germany

The University of South Bohemia is a public university located 150 kilometers from Prague in Ceske Budejovice. It is known as an educational and research institution specializing in natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. Studying and living in Ceske Budejovice is a pleasure for lovers of both antiquity and modernity. One of the largest squares in the country - Přemysl Otakar II Square - is located here, where fairs were held until the end of the 18th century, and today it is the best place for strolling and relaxing. By the way, be careful not to step on the "Prodigal Stone", there is a belief that such a step will lead to the impossibility of returning home. What else can you fill your leisure time with? A visit to St. Mikulas Cathedral or the Black Tower. Connoisseurs of modern entertainment can visit the zoo or the Czech ART Festival and Choir Championships Silver Voice.

Faculties and study programs

Today the university offers training at 8 faculties (more than 200 specialties) in three forms:

  • Bachelor - training 3 years;
  • Master - training 2 years;
  • Doctor of Science - training 4 years.

It is possible to enter Master's and Doctoral programs on the basis of a diploma obtained earlier in another educational institution. Applicants are enrolled in the following faculties:

Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics are among the most sought after in the market with the lowest unemployment rate of 1.1%. Thanks to their cooperation with corporations, they occupy important middle and top management positions. The Faculty of Economics emphasizes the development of modern projects and internationalization (study programs in English and joint study programs with foreign universities). You can study, business, management and business economics, accounting or economic informatics. Students receive a general economic and management foundation and acquire professional communication skills in English at the B1 level.

It graduates specialists in project and financial management and business management of enterprises. The competition is 12 persons for 10 places, and the studies at this faculty are conducted only in Czech.

Faculty of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Protection

The youngest and the smallest faculty, the annual enrollment for the first year is just over 100 applicants. The competition is 1.5 persons per place, the enrollment rate is about 75%. Education is conducted in Czech and English, and proficiency in both languages is obligatory for admission to Master's and PhD programs. Graduates are trained as experts in fisheries, aquatic toxicology, biology and agriculture.

Faculty of Philosophy

The faculty trains researchers as well as secondary school teachers. Students may study history, archaeology, archival studies, aesthetics, European studies, art history, Germanic studies, or Romance studies. In fact, the studies in this department are too diverse to be limited by the name "philosophy". It trains future historians, archaeologists, philologists of different language groups, art historians, media workers, specialists in culture and education. The faculty consists of 10 institutes (more than 20 departments). Every year 300-360 applicants come here, despite a rather high competition of -1.8 persons per place. Languages of education: Czech, English, German.

Faculty of Pedagogy

This is the largest faculty with more than 2000 students. The Faculty is based on more than 60 years of tradition of pedagogical education in the South Bohemian region. Students can choose a specialization with specialization in information technology, foreign languages, physical education, ecology or even psychology. The university graduates elementary school teachers and subject teachers in 17 specialties, including those that are not quite "school". For example, there is a department of art therapy and social pedagogy. Specialists of this faculty are in demand on the labor market, they are not threatened with unemployment, which affects the competition - 2-3 people per place. Training is conducted in Czech, future philologists hone their foreign language skills additionally. If you wish, you can get a certificate confirming the high level of language skills.

Faculty of Natural History

A wide-profile faculty, whose graduates receive job offers even before they receive their diploma. No wonder, because not only future teachers are trained here, but also specialists in biophysics, applied mathematics, clinical and experimental biology, parasitology, mechatronics. Students have the opportunity to use the equipped laboratories of the South Bohemian University, which allows them to quickly consolidate the theory in practice. The enrollment rate at this faculty is about 75% with a competition of 1.5 people per place. The languages of instruction are Czech and English.

Faculty of Theology

The doors of this faculty are open to future clergy, experts in religion, social pedagogues, theological journalists and experts in a competent approach to charity. Despite the novelty of the specialty, it is quite demanded, the competition is 1.4 persons per place. Education is conducted only in the Czech language, and the level of knowledge of the language must be high, otherwise you will not be able to learn even the basics of the specialized subjects.

University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice - 2

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

The second largest faculty at the University of South Bohemia is one of the few universities in the Czech Republic that combines health and society. Students study areas such as rehabilitation, health promotion, social work or nursing. The Faculty does not produce doctors, its specialization is in public health, social work, social and psychological care for different segments of the population. Graduates can work as nurses (nurse, paramedics) or assist doctors. The enrollment rate is 72-76%, 800-900 applicants are recruited for the first year.


A faculty that guarantees trouble-free employment in state cadastres, agrarian institutions, nature reserves, forestry. Also specialists with a diploma of the Faculty of Agriculture are in demand in research organizations in plant breeding, animal husbandry and landscape architecture. The competition is high - 2 persons per place, the language of instruction is only Czech.

What an applicant needs to know

Admission to Czech universities is earlier than to CIS institutions. The admission committee of the University of Budějovice accepts applications until the end of March. If you are late, your application will not be considered, even if you are a future Nobel laureate and gold medalist. Applications are accepted by e-mail, so the excuse "I didn't have time" does not apply.

Important: You can enter the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Agriculture, as well as the specialties of fish farming and water protection by competing certificates (without taking entrance exams). At the other faculties you will have to pass a test. The obligatory condition is to have a language certificate of at least B2 level. In case of other equal indicators (average grade point average, grades in specialized subjects) the advantage will be given to the applicant with a higher level of knowledge of the national language.

Language requirements

If you want to study for free, you will need knowledge of the Czech language. And not for communication, but for mastering the compulsory program. Self-study and a tutor are unlikely to help you learn the language to the required extent, especially since specialized terms are also part of the compulsory language base. And the certificate of B1 category and above required for admission to the University of South Bohemia is issued only by certified language courses. So, if you need guarantees, this is the only option.

Document requirements

All documents submitted for admission must be nostrified, i.e. the validity of the certificate (diploma) must be confirmed by the Czech Department of Education.

Entrance examinations

If you choose a specialty, which is not accepted by the competition of certificates, then get ready for testing. You will be tested in several subjects at the same time, as the exam is held in one stage. The questionnaire has blocks of "question - 5 answers" type. Your task is to indicate the correct one, for which 1 point is awarded. Mistakes are penalized, so it is better not to answer than to tick the wrong box.

Facilities and services in Budejovice: what the university offers

The university's goal is to produce highly qualified specialists, which is why the halls of study and the campus provide excellent conditions for studying, living and leisure.

University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice - 3

Dormitory of the University of South Bohemia

There are several accommodation options for students. For example, K1, K2 and K3 are rooms for 2 people. The room has a refrigerator and running hot/cold water. Kitchen, shower and toilet are shared per floor. K4 - rooms-blocks, where shower and toilet are at the disposal of 4 people (two in each room of the block). The kitchen is shared, but there is a laundry room and a TV room.

There is no ban on renting an off-campus apartment. If you want to live in the city - please do not miss lectures.


Balanced varied menu and budget prices. Students can choose different combinations of dishes at student price.


Besides half a million books on various subjects and scientific monographs, the library of the University in Budějovice provides information services, including data from other European libraries in different languages. The reading room has 500 seats and textbooks can be copied and scanned. There are 100 computers with internet access and Wi-Fi.

Student exchange

Depending on the chosen specialty, students can study at universities and academies in Europe. The support of the Erasmus+ program is a guarantee that the best students will take courses in foreign universities without financial investment. Moreover, they will be awarded a scholarship during this period. So, if you want to see the world at the expense of the institution, enrolling at the University of South Bohemia is the right decision.


In addition to the standard social benefits, scholarships for excellent studies and partial coverage of living expenses, students at the University of South Bohemia are also eligible to apply for individual grants sponsored by the university and individual faculties.
For example, at the Faculty of Fisheries and Aquatic Conservation, students receive up to 16,000 kronor per month for excellent academic performance, while doctoral students, in turn, can expect scholarships of up to 20,000 kronor per month.

Students who represent the university at sporting events are also entitled to certain payments.


The usual entertainment program for young people is provided: sports, dancing, martial arts. However, the rectorate relies on future scientists, so laboratories and research centers are staffed much better than discos and sports grounds.

It is not for nothing that the university is among the ten best universities in the country. For a short period of its existence it has graduated a lot of famous specialists who occupy managerial positions both in Czech government agencies and in international companies. Do you want to conquer Europe with your talent and get a highly paid job? Don't forget to apply in time, it won't take much time and effort.

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