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Пражский образовательный Центр

Grants and Scholarships

Пражский образовательный Центр

Grants and Scholarships at PEC

Every year Prague Education Center provides and funds a grant competition. It allows each participant the chance to win free tuition at P.E.C. based on their knowledge and abilities, or to get a significant discount on the teaching program.

Relating to all matters of this contest, you can contact the organizers by e-mail: or when it is extremely necessary by tel. number: +420 222 511 155

General conditions of the grant competition in the academic year 2014/2015

The purpose of the competition and grant places is to foster the intellectual and creative development of students, upgrade general education, expand opportunities to getting higher education, and develop skills and abilities which are not directly taught in the school curriculum.

Contest prizes

For pupils in 10/11 grades (and for students studying at post-secondary educational institutions that meet the conditions of participation in the grant competition):

1-7 places – full free tuition at P.E.C. for the 1 year intensive language course or 1 semester intensive language course (winner’s choice) for admission to enroll in public Universities of the Czech Republic on a budgetary basis.

8-10 places – 50% funding for the above program

For pupils in 9 grades:

1st place – full funding of the teaching program at Summer School in Prague (Czech Republic)

2-4 places – 50% funding of the above program

All winners of the 1st round grant competition receive a one-time discount of 100 Euro on the value of any program at P.E.C.

Who can participate?

Citizens of CIS countries and EU, which relate to any of the following categories:

  • Pupils of secondary schools (schools, gymnasiums etc.), graduating from upper secondary education in 2015,2016,2017 yy.
  • Students of post-secondary educational institutions (colleges, technical schools etc.), finished with their complete course in 2015/16 yy.

Winners of the ‘’Talent without borders’’ contest and of other competitions from the previous year may not participate in the grant competition.

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