Annual Czech Language Program All Inclusive

The program is designed for students who want to get higher education in the Czech Republic, but have not yet decided on the university and specialty. The course will help to learn vocabulary and grammar, as well as to enter the university without entrance exams.

The "All-inclusive" program is suitable for students who have no preference for a particular university, have not decided on a specialty or aim for individual training in a particular department.

Already in the 1st semester it will be possible to pass B2. At the end of the semester we will help you to finally decide on the directions and universities. During the 2nd semester we will teach you up to C1 and additional subjects. Also at the end of the course you will be waiting for nostrification, exams, submission of invitations to universities and visa extension. We will do all this together with you.

Prague and Brno

Start date: September / October

4 450€
Deposit 690€ + installments without surcharges


680 academic hours

20 academic hours per week

Duration of training:

9 months


0 to confident B2 and advanced C1


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What else awaits you with Prague Education Center?

The integration program includes activities that help students learn about the culture, traditions and mentality of the country together with their teachers. Students attend classes on how to cook Czech national dishes or visit historical sites.

In addition, PEC organizes excursions for students to the most significant and beautiful sights of the Czech Republic, as well as organizes trips abroad. For example, to Vienna, Salzburg, Hallstatt, Dresden, Berlin and other European cities.

We organize for students participation in laser tag tournaments among Czech high schools, participation in traditional water sports - rafting on Czech mountain rivers or orienteering competitions among gymnasiums. In this way, our students have the opportunity to socialize with Czech peers and better adapt to the country.

Our students are taught by Czech teachers. They not only help them to learn Czech, but also support them during their studies. Many students continue to communicate with each other even after they finish their studies at our center.

Each student is assigned a tutor during his/her studies. He/she helps to get used to the study center, as well as supervises and solves documentary aspects: visa extension, insurance, submission of invitations or assistance in preparation for nostrification exams. Students can turn to him for help at any time.

Thanks to the specially developed methodology and study materials, you increase your chances of getting into the desired university. After all, the right school and language program is the key to a successful education in the future. According to the official statistics of the Ministry of Education, our center shows a high percentage of enrollment among foreign applicants.

Also for our students we have developed a convenient method of payment. The chosen program can be paid by installments without extra payments and %. And also, you can pay the deposit and the remaining amount after your visa to the Czech Republic is approved.

Features and benefits of the program:

  • Czech language level at the end of the course - C1.
  • 680 hours instead of 800-1000 - thanks to our specially designed textbooks for Russian speakers.
  • Possibility to pass B2 already at the end of the first semester.
  • You decide what options will be included in your course: specific subjects, submission of invitations. Only what you need.
  • Convenient payment system, the possibility of installments without unnecessary payments and %.

Student accommodation

We have gathered the most comfortable residences in Prague and Brno. You can choose the best place to live. But remember that renting a room can save your budget and also help you make new friends.

For our students we have our own residences, where they can live and study comfortably:

Testimonials from our students
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