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Where can you do fitness in Prague and Brno?

Where can you do fitness in Prague and Brno? - 1

Fitness is one of the most popular forms of physical activity in the world, which not only helps keep the body fit but also improves overall fitness. If you're in Prague or Brno and want to get involved in fitness, these cities offer a variety of options.

There are many sports clubs and gyms in Prague where you can practice fitness.


  • Praha-Libuš, 142 00

A popular fitness center in the city is FitPark, which offers a large selection of cardio and strength training, as well as special workouts for beginners and advanced.

Olympia Fitness

  • Opatovská 1754/14, 149 00 Praha 11-Chodov
  • Strašnická 1326/18, 102 00 Praha 15-Hostivař

We can say that Olympia Fitness is the Mecca of Czech bodybuilding. This is the project of the absolute champion of the NABBA Mr. Universe competition in 2006 – Tomas Buresh. In 2011, he also became a professional in the most prestigious and largest IFBB category. Both experienced bodybuilders and beginners can practice here.

Factory Pro

  • Milady Horákové 116/109
  • Nádražní 762/32

Factory Pro has been operating since 1999.

Clients are immersed in a comfortable, pleasant and clean environment, with a technically equipped club of the highest category. The gyms offer great training opportunities: gyms, Cardio and Hard&Heavy zones, stretching zones and personal training zones. For professionals there is a platform for weightlifting. 

Feel a surge of energy, strength and enjoy the fun together with the fitness and wellness center.

Eagle Fitness

  • Nademlejnská 600

It offers a gym with an area of more than 1000 m2, equipped with the best Hammer Strength, Life Fitness Pro2 and EliteFTS simulators. You will also find a cardio zone, an aerobics room, diagnostics, relaxation or the biggest weightlifter in the Czech Republic with Eleiko equipment. To achieve the best results, you can use the services of experienced trainers or choose one of several circular workouts to shape your figure and strengthen your body.

The advantage of the training program is the initial diagnosis and tests, on the basis of which the training program is compiled. 

Xplore Fitness Na Příkopě

  • Na Příkopě 17/1047

A place where equipment and professional service meet the latest fitness trends, needs and wishes of even the most demanding customers. Beautiful, atypical and modern premises with an area of 2500 m2, with a glass roof that lets daylight into the fitness center. Three floors are filled not only with modern Star Trac exercise machines, but also with unique martial arts facilities, a gym, group classes, a solarium, physiotherapy and massage. Come and experience Xplore Fitness for yourself!

Fitness Victory

  • Křemyslova 384/17

For beginners, they offer, for example, a Fitness Start package under the guidance of an experienced fitness consultant. The center has: a fitness zone, a cardio zone and halls for group classes, such as Functional training or Body Balance.

Where can you do fitness in Prague and Brno? - 2


Brno also has several excellent fitness centers where you can do sports. One of them is Fit Studio, which offers modern fitness equipment and a variety of group fitness classes. 

In addition, there are many parks and green areas in both cities, ideal for outdoor activities and outdoor sports. You can choose a place for jogging or cardio training to enjoy the beautiful views and nature.

Mišmaš fitness

  • Gajdošova 7

Here you will find a very friendly approach to customers, a pleasant atmosphere and a general impression that you will take home with you.

The guys are glad that customers come not only to perform at the peak of their capabilities, but also to actively relax. The feeling that remains after visiting the fitness center is the result of not only their efforts, but also their efforts. 

The entire fitness center is fully air-conditioned and covers an area of almost 1000 m2. At your disposal is a well-equipped fitness center with a cardio zone, two halls for aerobics and other mass sports activities. They also prepare other services with which they would like to make your stay as pleasant as possible and cover a wide range of your requirements and needs.

Classes with a personal trainer are completely different from any training that you have ever done on your own. You have a training partner at your disposal, whose sole task is to motivate you and control the technique of the exercises performed, thereby ensuring the desired result. It just helps to make the workouts more effective and contributes to the maximum possible effect. This will help you achieve your desired goals.

Velký Průvan

Vídeňská 77

It is believed that the fitness career of many residents of Brno began in this center. The advantage of Velky Pruvan is that there is a separate gym for women only outside of the huge common gym with a cardio zone. In general, this is a universal fitness center where everyone can find something to their liking for reasonable money. 

Big One Fitness

  • Václavská 6

In this center you will find everything you need for a high-quality workout. You can warm up in the cardio zone, do a workout in the strength section, at the end of the workout, work out the technique of performing Crossfit exercises in the Cross Workout zone and conduct a final interval training in the cardio zone. 

Energy Fitness

  • Holandská 2

In the modern, spacious fitness center you will find a wide range of equipment in the form of a power zone, exercise machines and cardio zones. There is everything for training a marathon runner, weightlifter, crossfitter, powerlifter, bodybuilder or a person who does not fit into any of these categories. 


  • Pražákova 1008/69

“Our vision is to make AZ FITNESS a place that will become part of the lifestyle of our customers. A place where they can realize their goals and dreams from the world of fitness. A place where they can meet professional athletes, from whom they can find motivation. A place where real friendships are born and thanks to this they will be glad to return to us. Not only for sports, but also for coffee with friends, for relaxation and planning joint events." - the AZ FITNESS guys themselves say.

The mission of the center is effective professional work with clients, which will lead to the fulfillment of their goals and the emergence of new, higher ones. The complex meets the requirements of not only a beginner, but also a professional athlete.

Prague and Brno are cities that offer many opportunities for fitness classes. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, you will definitely find what you are looking for and will be able to maintain your fitness and health.

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