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Graduate School of Hotel Business in Prague - a university in the Czech Republic, where they teach fashionable and in-demand professions

Graduate School of Hotel Business in Prague - a university in the Czech Republic, where they teach fashionable and in-demand professions - 1

Tourism, hotel or restaurant business are very promising and attractive fields that offer young people great career opportunities. The Graduate School of Hotel Business in Prague is one of the most famous and prestigious universities in this field.

Unfortunately, in the CIS countries the hotel and restaurant industry is still in its infancy, while in Europe and America it is one of the fastest growing and most promising industries. According to the World Tourism Organization UNWTO, the volume of the tourism industry is not inferior to the volume of the automotive industry or food production.

Prague is one of the most touristic cities not only in Europe, but also in the whole world. Every year more than 8 million tourists come here. Where, if not here, should you learn all the subtleties of tourism and hotel business?

Read about the opportunities to study at the best hotel business school in Prague and get an international diploma in this article.

Higher School of Hotel Business in Prague - studies

The Hotel Business Institute in Prague is by far the largest private university in the Czech Republic specializing in the training of middle and senior managers in the field of hospitality and tourism. About 1200 students, one third of whom are foreigners, study at the school every year.

The Graduate School of Hotel Business in Prague was founded in 1999. The formation of the school was greatly influenced by the world famous Dutch hospitality university - Hotel school The Hague, with which close professional relations are still maintained.

During its existence VŠH has managed to become the main expert center of the Czech Republic in the field of national tourism and hotel business. The Institute has been repeatedly recognized with honorary awards of the CzechTourism agency "For Great Contribution to the Development of the Tourism Industry" and "Training of Highly Qualified Personnel".

At the moment the Institute offers 7 bachelor and master study programs accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Education, the study terms of which are absolutely standard, 3-4 years bachelor or 2-3 years master. The duration of studies varies due to the level of Czech language proficiency. Studying at the Graduate School of Hotel Business in Prague is divided into 2 main components of any study: gaining basic theoretical knowledge and applying it in practice.

In the course of their studies, each student is required to complete a 3-week internship every year, which allows them to get a more concrete idea of their future work. In order to simplify the search for internship placements, the Prague Institute of Hotel Business has concluded agreements with the largest and most famous hotels in the Czech Republic and worldwide.

As in any other Czech university, the best students of VŠH are given a unique opportunity to participate in student exchanges and international internships. The hotel institute in Prague has been actively cooperating with 26 European universities and several American and Russian universities for a long time. For those who are interested in obtaining a double degree, it will be interesting to know that VŠH has a dual study program with Hotel school The Hague.

Directions and programs at the Institute of Hotel Business in Prague

Training at the Higher School of Hotel Business takes place according to European standards and all programs are divided into bachelor's and master's degree programs, and the student's knowledge is assessed on the basis of the credit system.

You can study at the university in both Czech and English. Available forms of study: full-time and part-time (but in order to obtain a long-term visa, foreign students must study full-time).

It is mandatory to study two foreign languages.

Bachelor's degree directions:

  • Hotel Business
  • Tourism Management
  • Marketing in the service sector.

Hotel business

Duration of training: 3 years
Language of instruction: Czech, English

The most popular bachelor's degree program among VSH applicants. It is focused on the acquisition of basic practical and theoretical knowledge necessary for the management of small and medium-sized businesses, including hotels, restaurants, boarding houses.

Main subjects: Fundamentals of Hospitality and Gastronomy, Fundamentals of Tourism, Hotel Equipment and Design, Hotel Systems and Catering Systems, Hotel Marketing and Event Management.

Tourism Management

Duration of training: 3 years
Language of instruction: Czech

The Higher School of Hotel Business in Prague is the only place in the Czech Republic where such a specialty is taught. Graduates receive all the necessary knowledge to work in the field of tourism management at an average or higher level.

Main subjects: Fundamentals of Tourism, Marketing tourist destinations, Regional Planning and Economics, Management of tourist destinations, Management of spa and Wellness services.

Sometimes rest can become your life's work!

Marketing in the service sector

Duration of training: 3 years
Language of instruction: Czech

The course "Marketing in the service sector" focuses on basic knowledge in the field of communication, marketing, economics, consumer psychology.

Main subjects: Fundamentals of Advertising and PR, Marketing, Graphic Design in Mass communications, Sociology, Mass Communications in hotel and restaurant business.

Directions of the magistracy:

  • Management in the field of hotel and resort business
  • Tourism management
  • Marketing communications

Management in the field of hotel and resort business

Duration of training: 2 years
Language of instruction: Czech

The main objective of studying at the master's program "Management in the field of hotel and resort business" is to deepen the knowledge and skills acquired in such areas as economics, hotel management, restaurant business.

Main subjects: Hotel management, Economics of hotel business, Financial management, Psychology and sociology of the consumer, Management of spa resorts.

Tourism management

Duration of study: 2 years
Language of instruction: Czech

The main focus of the training is on issues related to the problems of tourism development in specific regions of different countries and ways to solve them. In the Czech Republic, this is a unique discipline that is taught only at the Higher School of Hotel Business in Prague.

Main subjects: Tourism management, Sociological research, Development of a strategy for regional development in the tourism sector, Sustainable tourism development in the regions and others.

Marketing communications

Duration of study: 2 years
Language of instruction: Czech

During the 2 years of study under the Master's program "Marketing Communications", the student acquires a number of skills and knowledge necessary for him to work, develops analytical thinking and gets experience working in an international environment.

Main subjects: Marketing strategies, Analysis of marketing activities, Social media Marketing, Management of international companies.

On May 25, 2018, the National Bureau for Higher Education Accreditation (NAÚ) approved the application of the University of Hotel Business in Prague for accreditation of educational programs. As a result, this university was one of the first private universities to receive accreditation for all three educational programs presented in it: Management in the field of hotel and resort business, Tourism management, Marketing communications.

Graduate School of Hotel Business in Prague - a university in the Czech Republic, where they teach fashionable and in-demand professions - 2

Conditions of admission to the Higher School of Hotel Business in Prague

In order to become a student of the Higher School of Hotel Business in Prague, it is necessary, first of all, to submit an invitation in time to the university.

Applications for all bachelor's and master's degree programs are accepted in 2 stages: the main acceptance of applications is conducted until April 30, additional — until July 31. The cost of the "invitation card" is 500 CZK.

If the application was filled out correctly, the applicant is allowed to take the entrance exams.

To enroll in one of the Bachelor 's or Master 's degree programs , you must:

  • Confirm your previous education. Present to the admissions committee a nostrified certificate of secondary full education or a nostrified bachelor's degree
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Czech language at least at the B1 level
  • Write an English language test
  • Successfully pass an interview with the university admissions committee.

Prospects for graduates

With an international diploma, graduates of the Graduate School of Hotel Business in Prague have the opportunity to work all over the world. According to statistics provided by the university itself, 89% of graduates almost immediately take up middle and senior management positions in such large and well-known hotel chains as Hilton, Ritz Carlton, Radisson and Four Sessions.

In addition, many graduates build their careers in the restaurant business, event industry, sales or their own business.

Good news for all future VSH students

For the first time after 8 years, the Graduate School of Hotel Business in Prague organized a "Career Day" for all students of the university. This event gave students the opportunity to meet personally the heads of world famous hotel and restaurant chains and leading travel agencies.

Representatives of Hilton Hotels & Resort, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Jan Hotels, Czech Inn Hotels, AquaPalace Resort Prague, Four Seasons Hotel Prague, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Prague, Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences, Regaty Čechy, CPI Hotels, OREA Hotels & Resorts, Barceló Hotel Group, Jurys Inn Hotel Prague, Vienna House, dále pak AMBI CZ, Zátiší Catering Group, Fruitisimo, Pragokoncert - Reduta Jazz Club, CK Neckerman, CK Fischer a Exim Tours.

Open Doors Days and job fairs are organized at Czech universities on a regular basis. At these events, students can find out interesting information about the university's partner companies and find a job while they are still studying at the university.

In order to obtain a quality specialized education, which is quite easy to obtain, you need specialized training. By enrolling in Prague Education Center courses, each applicant receives support and assistance from the staff in such matters as preparing the application package, quality and intensive preparation for entrance exams, adapting to the new country and assistance in all related matters.

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