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Brno: why is it the best for studying?

Brno: why is it the best for studying? - 1

Brno's charm may not be immediately apparent, but live here for a few days and the city's authentic Czech spirit will captivate. It's a good way to experience Czech life without the crowds of tourists. The Old Town is filled with bars and restaurants; Art Nouveau, Empire and Neoclassical buildings stand side by side. There are plenty of leafy parks. Be sure to photograph the local landmark, Brno's Dragon statue, which looks suspiciously like a crocodile.

Brno is considered one of the most progressive cities in Central Europe and the second largest city in the Czech Republic. Today, the city has a high economic and scientific importance, which makes it popular for higher education in the Czech Republic, employment and business. In this article we will tell you about the main advantages of studying and living in Brno, as well as about our branch, which currently has more than 100 students.

Brno is located in the heart of Europe and is characterized by its favorable location: only 200 km from Prague, 120 km from Vienna and 130 km from Bratislava. The city is a major transportation hub, so it is convenient and comfortable to get to the "neighboring" capitals by bus, car or train.

For example, you can use the services of Flixbus:

  • Brno-Prague bus ticket from 299 Kč
  • Brno-Vienna bus ticket from 500 Kč
  • Brno-Bratislava bus ticket from 200 Kč.

The inhabitants themselves are convinced that Brno is the real capital of the country and do not want to hear any counterarguments. After all, this is where the Czech royal dynasty of Přemyslovich grew up. Almost all tourism in the Czech Republic is concentrated in Prague, and the other cities are undeservedly forgotten. That's why you can familiarize yourself with all the beauties of Brno in a quiet atmosphere, not facing the crowds of tourists every minute.

Brno: why is it the best for studying? - 2

Why study in Brno? What are the universities in Brno?

Every fifth person you meet in Brno is a student. And if you go to the city center in the evening, it will definitely be every second. There are few places where you can meet such a concentration of young, active people who want to create interesting projects, develop culturally or have a vacation. That is why Brno is included in the QS World Top Student Cities, based on the students' evaluations. Brno is home to renowned universities that have long earned the attention of international applicants. Among the popular universities in Brno we can highlight the main ones:

Low accommodation, food and transportation costs:

It is safe to say that living in Brno will not cost a student a "round sum". For example, one month's accommodation in a student residence costs from 300€, and an apartment with amenities can be rented for a reasonable price from 600€ per month. The city's transportation system is not inferior to Prague's, and the cost of a monthly pass is only 275 CZK. A student's food basket is always different, but the average student in Brno will spend about 250€ per month on food in 2022.

For internships and employment:
The further you go, the more Brno is talked about as a city of startups. It is compared to the American Silicon Valley or productive San Francisco. Young people have many opportunities to realize their ideas right at the university or at the South Moravian Innovation Center, after which they can present them to the whole world. And, it is not only about IT business, which has been booming in Brno in recent years.
According to experts, Brno is experiencing a real "boom" in business development. Low operating costs and favorable location make the city especially attractive for local businessmen and large Western corporations. Such giants as Lufthansa, IBM, Motorola, PricewaterhouseCoopers already have their hubs in Brno. For graduates of Czech universities, this is a great opportunity to get an internship and start a career in a company with a "name".
For parents' peace of mind:
The Czech Republic is one of the top 6 countries in the world in terms of security. Brno has an even lower crime rate than Prague. The quality work of the law enforcement agencies has repeatedly received the highest marks among the local population and visitors to the city. 
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How do foreigners live in Brno?

The British magazine fDi Intelligence (The Financial Times), in its Cities of the Future 2016/2017 competition, named Amsterdam and Brno as the cities with the best integration of foreigners in the world. Brno was the winner in two categories - Support for Foreigners and Aftercare strategy, in which the level of assistance to investors was determined.

Build a successful future - start with Czech language courses in Brno. Apply

Brno has earned praise from international experts thanks in large part to the work of its unique expert center, which helps foreigners find jobs and housing in the Czech Republic and continues to support them even after they move. The center works with highly qualified foreign experts who then work for major international companies with a presence in Brno, including IBM, Lufthansa and FEI.

"Foreign specialists need to be provided with suitable working and living conditions in Brno, helped to navigate the intricacies of Czech officials' work, and encouraged to find their new home here," emphasized Jaroslav Kacer, Deputy Mayor of Brno.

According to the Czech Statistics Office, at the end of December 2020, there were more than 600,000 officially working foreigners in the country. About 12 thousand foreign students are studying. At Masaryk University in Brno, the number of foreign students is the highest among Czech universities and reaches 19% of the total number of students.

The branch of the Prague Education Center in Brno started its activity in 2012. The educational building is located in the building of a technical university, which allows you to feel like a real university student already at the preparation stage. The teaching staff is selected taking into account the specialization of the center: Czech language is taught by specialists with pedagogical education, and university professors are engaged in vocational training.

98% of our students from PEC-Brno branch enter Czech universities free of charge.

After completing the preparatory courses in Brno, Russian students are not limited to enrollment only in local universities. The doors of absolutely all Czech universities are open to them, and the level of preparation allows them to feel comfortable at the entrance examinations of Charles University, Masaryk University and Prague's ČVUT.

The branch programs are offered in 3 formats: ALL INCLUSIVE, VIP, SEMESTER. The main areas of training at PEC-Brno branch:

Prague Education Center makes studying in the Czech Republic even more affordable! If you choose a course, you will receive Czech language training up to B2/C1 levels, specialized terminology and information support at every stage of your enrollment.

The main advantages of preparatory courses in Brno:

  • Low cost of an annual Czech language course
  • Low accommodation and boarding costs during the course period
  • Unified educational program, which is not inferior to the programs in Prague
  • Intensive conversation practice with native speakers
  • The Brno branch is located in the building of the Technical University of Brno.
  • Czech language instruction is provided by qualified teachers from the Prague Education Center.
  • Subject preparation for entrance exams is carried out by teachers of state universities in Brno.

In the past, in order to stay in the Czech Republic, expelled foreign students bought language courses to extend their residence permit. As a rule, for this service they applied to the same centers where they studied and prepared for university entrance.

The situation was aggravated around such schools, which stamped papers for extension. Mostly students who dropped out of universities because of insufficient knowledge of the Czech language. Apparently, migration authorities decided to break this vicious circle and stop legalization of stay in the Czech Republic.

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