Tomas Baty University in Zlín (UTB)

Tomáš Bati University is considered to be the youngest but one of the most promising universities in the Czech Republic. Studying at this institution is considered an ideal foundation for establishing and developing a future profession. The state university is a holder of honorary certificates Diploma Supplement Label (2009) and ECTS Label (2012), which testifies to the high quality of education and the demand for graduates on the labor market. According to the department's data, the unemployment rate of diploma holders is only 7%.

UTB was founded 18 years ago on the basis of two faculties of the Technical University of Brno


Official name:
Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně


Type of university: state

Language of instruction: Czech

Faculties: 6

Number of years of study: 3-7 years

Training program:
bachelor's, master's, doctoral studies

UTB was founded 18 years ago on the basis of two faculties of the Technical University of Brno. Now the university occupies a leading position in training the best personnel for various industries in the world. It got its name in honor of the famous shoe entrepreneur Tomas Bati, whose birthplace is Zlin. In a short time, he led the university to the leaders among state organizations and established partnerships with 800 universities in 46 European countries.

Today, more than 9 thousand students study at Tomas Bati University, 14% of whom are foreigners. The Rector's Office gives talented students the opportunity to receive free tuition, regardless of their financial capabilities. To do this, a foreign student must have a certificate confirming the level of knowledge of the Czech language.

To improve the level of education, the European Credit Transfer System student exchange program operates, with successful completion of final exams, students receive a Diploma Supplement that does not require confirmation in the European Union, respectively, employment opportunities are significantly expanded. The university is a signatory of the Bologna Magna Carta Universitatum, which allows the exchange of not only students, but also teachers, so many lectures and seminars are conducted by the best specialists from different countries.

Information about faculties: languages of instruction, programs, competition

Tomasz Bati University in Zlin promotes "education without borders", welcoming a large-scale exchange of students. Most of the subjects are taught in English and Czech. There are special requirements for the state language — a certificate with a level of language proficiency of at least B2 is required for admission, a knowledge test is mandatory. Today there are 6 faculties in the structure of the university:

Faculty of Technology

The date of foundation is the distant 1969. If from a young age you wanted to get to the bottom of things, find out how they work and what they are made of, then the Faculty of Technology is the right choice. Polymers, biomaterials, chemistry, food, cosmetics, production technology, environmental protection... You haven't even studied yet, but you've already encountered the products of the faculty every minute.

The faculty includes 10 departments that produce specialists in the field of environmental protection, food and chemical technologies. The competition is 2 people per place, enrollment is based on the competition of certificates. Programs — bachelor's, master's, postgraduate, there are programs designed for Russian-speaking students.

  • Biomaterials and cosmetics;
  • Gastronomic technologies;
  • Food chemistry and analysis;
  • Materials Science;
  • Environmental protection;
  • Polymer materials and technologies;
  • Food biotechnology and applied microbiology;
  • Technological engineering;
  • Food technology;
  • Manufacture and design of shoes.

Faculty of Management and Economics

The life of an economist is not only numbers and tables, here you will learn how to connect economic theories with direct management practice. Internships in companies, preparation for entrepreneurship, work on your own projects are waiting for you.

FaME provides high-quality economic education that meets modern requirements. Here they get practical experience from experts, study economic theories, hold meetings with outstanding personalities and cooperate with well-known companies. Before the exams, you will have to take an aptitude test. Examination testing is variable, which subject (or combination) to take depends on the chosen specialty.

The exam conditions can be found on the official website of the Faculty of Management and Economics of Tomas Bati University. Bachelor's degree (4 semesters) is on a budget basis, and master's and doctoral studies are conducted in English in 80% of cases.

  • Economics and Business Management;
  • Economics and management in public administration and regional development;
  • Finance and financial technology;
  • Industrial Engineering;
  • Accounting and taxes.

Faculty of Multimedia Communications

The faculty was opened in 2002 and graduates first-class specialists in such fields as producing, audiovisual creativity, multimedia, animation and design.

The uniqueness of the faculty lies in the fact that graduates receive a “double” diploma with an insert in English, which makes it possible to work in any English-speaking country. Since there are few analogues of such a faculty in Europe.

The faculty has developed a program according to which students can combine training and internship in well-known multimedia companies. There are bachelor's, Master's and doctoral degrees (in English only). The exams are differentiated: for creative specialties, it is required to provide a portfolio or a competitive work, as well as pass a test.

  • Camera;
  • Marketing communication;
  • Design;
  • Photo;
  • Directing and screenplay;
  • Theory and practice of animation creativity;
  • Visual effects;
  • Audio track.

Faculty of Applied Informatics

In 2006, the Faculty of Applied Informatics began its existence, which provides an opportunity to study in five bachelor's degree programs. In addition to standard lectures, a course on chemical engineering and engineering computer science is taught here, which makes the specialization almost unique. The faculty has developed an adapted program for first-year students. The competition is a little more than 2 people per place. Languages of instruction: Czech and English.

  • Security technologies, systems and management;
  • Information technologies in management;
  • Intelligent systems with robots;
  • Industrial automation;
  • Software engineering.

Humanities Research

The faculty was opened in 2007. The specificity of the direction is the emphasis on English— and German-language philology, combined with management, cultural studies, medicine. Accordingly, employment opportunities are expanding, in addition to schools and kindergartens, graduates work as translators (including highly specialized technical orientation), social workers, consultants of international organizations. Competition — 3 people per place.

For admission, you will have to pass exams, different for each specialty. The program and test examples can be found on the faculty page of Tomasz Bati University in Zlin, the site provides the most detailed information for applicants for bachelor's, master's and doctor's degrees.

  • English for management practice;
  • German for management practice;
  • Obstetrics;
  • Social pedagogy;
  • Kindergarten education;
  • General care;
  • Healthcare and social assistance.

Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management

The "youngest" faculty, founded in 2009, is located in Ugersk-Gradishte. It trains future police officers, firefighters, rescuers, specialists in the field of nuclear energy. In Gradishte you will be able to participate in student projects, play sports or devote some time to cultural events.

Those interested can choose one of several bachelor's degree programs and related specialties in the Master's program. All courses are taught only in Czech, there are full-time and combined forms of study.

  • Applied logistics;
  • Environmental safety;
  • Risk management;
  • Protection of the population.

How to enter a Czech university as a foreigner

The state program of the Czech Republic provides for the education of school and university graduates from other countries on a budgetary basis, provided that they have a good command of the Czech language. This is due to the specifics of teaching; without knowledge of the language, it is difficult to stay "on track" and fully comprehend information.

Compulsory Czech language examination

In addition to presenting a certificate of language proficiency (level B2), you are required to take a university exam. There is an alternative - Prague Education Center language courses with the right to take the state exam. A tutor, let alone self-study, will not provide a sufficient language base, as terminology is rarely included in dictionaries and regular study programs. Prague Education Center gives extensive knowledge - in just a semester students master Czech language up to level B2 (above average), and in a year the level grows up to C1 (high). The main feature of this school is that it trains not only face-to-face in the Czech Republic, but also remotely. That is, you can get quality preparation for entering a Czech university from the comfort of your own home. You can learn more about the program on the official page.

According to the statistics, 98% of REC graduates are admitted to universities in the Czech Republic on a budget. If you don't get in, we will refund your tuition fees.


In addition to the Czech language exam and profile tests, applicants will have to undergo the process of nostrification of their educational documents. General school certificates and diplomas of higher education institutions not listed in the EU must be confirmed. In fact, it is another exam, during which the applicant proves that the grades received correspond to the level of knowledge. Nostrification can take up to 30 days, and applications for admission are accepted only until March 31, so take care of confirming your school certificate or diploma well in advance.

Document package

In addition to your academic documents, you must submit electronically to the Admissions Office of Tomáš Bati University in Zlín:

  • transcript with grades for the last 4 semesters,
  • a medical certificate and a visa confirming the right to stay in the country (for countries not included in the "visa-free" list).

In case of admission to faculties where there are no entrance examinations, a letter of motivation (an argumentative essay on "Why I want to study here") is required.

Living and leisure conditions

Comfortable conditions are necessary for a full-fledged mastering of knowledge. The university administration adheres to this position and successfully implements it.


Student dormitories are located within a 10-minute walk from the faculty buildings. Accommodation is provided for 1, 2 and 3 people. Sanitary and hygienic rooms can be in the room and on the floor, at the request of the residents in the room is the Internet, installed refrigerator, washing machine (for an additional fee). Dormitories have their own laundry rooms, computer and reading rooms. For people with disabilities, places are provided taking into account the peculiarities of physiology.


On the campus there are 2 buffets with a buffet and an in-house restaurant. The inexpensive student dining room offers a daily choice of 5-7 hot meals, a huge menu of dishes that are cooked in 4-5 minutes at the student's request, as well as drinks and desserts. Payment is charged in cash or deducted from the student card (if there is a scholarship).


The library hall occupies a considerable area, but students prefer to study specialized literature from home - 95% of book files are in electronic format and are available online upon request. A "books to order" service is provided, if the information you need is not available in the library, staff will find the information in other departments and abroad.


Sports grounds, places for dancing, computer centers - every student will find entertainment for his or her taste. In addition, Tomáš Bati University is located in the ancient city of Zlín, founded in the Middle Ages and preserving unique architecture and landmarks of several generations. The pride of the city is the Shoe Museum, which has no analogues in Europe. Also interesting are one of the largest Czech zoos, the 77-meter high skyscraper "Jednadvacitka" and the English Park with a protected forest.

Getting a European education for free is realistic if you put a little effort into it. University students are assigned a scholarship (depends on semester grades), so students can pay for their entertainment without additional financial expenses from "their pocket".

According to statistics, graduates of Tomáš Bati University in Zlín occupy positions with salaries above the Czech average (600-1000 euros/month), with excellent references from internships and international internships under the Erasmus program. The future is in your hands, start preparing today to ensure a decent tomorrow.

Testimonials from our students
Testimonials from our students
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