Silesian University in Opava (SLU)

Do you want to secure your future abroad without significant financial investments? A member of the European Association of Universities - the Silesian University in Opava invites graduates of secondary schools and universities to join its ranks. A nice feature - regardless of the country where you received your secondary or higher education, studying at this public institution can be absolutely free of charge.

Foreign students in Czech universities are treated more than loyal - they have equal rights and opportunities with the citizens of the country. Moreover, in case of aspiration for development and quick mastering of knowledge, a foreign student has the right to apply for subsidies (increased scholarship) from the state and advanced training in the institutions of the EU member states.

The Silesian University in Opava (SLU) provides training in both the humanities and in the field of trade and entrepreneurship


Official name:
Slezská univerzita v Opavě


Type of university: state

Language of instruction: Czech

Faculties: 3

Number of years of study: 3-7 years

Training program:
bachelor's, master's, doctoral studies

The Silesian University in Opava (SLU) provides training in both the humanities and in the field of trade and entrepreneurship.

The history of the broad-profile university in Opava is interesting because in 1991 this university was created "from scratch" without transferring faculties from one structure to another, which is typical of most higher educational institutions of the Czech Republic. A year later, after the official opening, 9,000 thousand students were already studying at the Silesian University. The university is a member of the European Association of Universities and cooperates with both Czech and foreign universities.

Today, foreign applicants have the opportunity to enroll in a higher educational institution on loyal terms by choosing one of the existing directions:

  • Philology;
  • Social Sciences;
  • Electrical engineering, telecommunications and computer engineering;
  • Construction, geodesy and cartography;
  • Information specialties;
  • Mathematics;
  • Current affairs, library and computer science;
  • Architecture;
  • Business in various industries;
  • Right;
  • Theory and history of art;
  • Pedagogy, teaching and social care;
  • Gastronomy, hotel business and tourism;
  • Economy and administration;
  • Ecology and environmental protection;
  • Disciplines from the field of history;
  • Physical education and sports;
  • Philosophy, theology;
  • General professional training;
  • Special and interdisciplinary specialties;
  • Art and applied art;
  • Chemistry;
  • Physics;
  • Healthcare.

This is the list of specialties that Silesian University offers to school graduates and holders of higher education diplomas. There are only four faculties in the structure of the University of the Czech Republic, which does not prevent students from being educated in various profiles and skill levels.

Study programs and faculties

Several training programs are offered for modern students:

  • Bachelor course. 4 years of study, the teaching languages are Czech and English.
  • Magistracy. 2 years of study, advanced training abroad is possible, the languages of instruction are Czech and English.
  • Doctoral studies. 2 years of study, the language of instruction, depending on the chosen specialty (in 80% of programs – Czech).

The structure of the university is unusual for graduates of CIS schools, since the division of specialties by faculties is conditional. The detailed structure is as follows:

Faculty of Philosophy and Natural Sciences

The oldest branch of the university with its headquarters in Opava. The faculty began its work as part of Masaryk University in Brno. Today it is a modern and dynamically developing educational institution with a wide range of professional and academic areas of study. 

Together with the establishment of the Silesian University in Opava, the Institute of Mathematics was established on September 17, 1990. It is part of the Faculty of Philosophy and Natural Sciences. The university offers specializations in 50 areas from humanities to ultra-precise. The faculty includes such departments and their divisions:

  • Astrophysics; 
  • Environmental monitoring; 
  • Multimedia (oral exam);
  • Computer technology and its application;
  • Computer science and engineering;
  • Applied Computer Science (SCIO);
  • Computer Science + English (written exam);
  • Resort Business and Tourism (SCIO);
  • Czech literature;
  • English + Czech language and literature;
  • Czech language and literature + German;
  • Czech language and literature + Italian;
  • English + German;
  • English + Italian;
  • German + Italian;
  • English for teaching at school;
  • German for teaching at school;
  • Italian language (A written exam is given for all philological specialties);
  • Cultural History (for rent by SCIO);
  • History (SCIO);
  • History — Museology (oral exam);
  • History — protection of Cultural Monuments (SCIO);
  • Archaeology (SCIO);
  • Medieval Archaeology (SCIO);
  • English + History (written exam);
  • Czech Language and Literature + History (SCIO);
  • History + German (written exam);
  • Archaeology + History (SCIO);
  • Archaeology + Museology (SCIO);
  • Information Research in Librarianship (SCIO);
  • Library Science (SCIO);
  • Audiovisual creativity (creative exam, written exam);
  • Cultural dramaturgy for the theater (creative exam, oral exam);
  • Creative photography is a combined form of education (creative exam, written, oral).
  • Faculty of Public Policy

The faculty was founded on April 22, 2008. Almost every year, the faculty opens new training programs. The department that produces specialists in demand in the Czech Republic is located in Opava and consists of several departments:

  • Social pathologies and prevention
  • Central European studies
  • Public administration and regional policy
  • Medical nurse
  • Public administration and social policy

It also includes its own Center for Empirical Research, which is engaged in optimizing the life of the population of the Czech Republic. In his department, the improvement of work in the fields of education, social policy, and public activity.

Trade and business

The Faculty of Commerce and Entrepreneurship of Karvine, together with the Faculty of Arts in Opava, is historically the oldest part of the Silesian University. The faculty is focused on training specialists in economic, financial, social and administrative academic disciplines. The specialization also includes computer disciplines focused on the business sphere. The faculty offers such training programs as:

  • Banking;
  • Economics in trade and services;
  • European integration;
  • Hotel business and tourism;
  • Management Informatics;
  • Marketing and Management;
  • Economics and Business Management;
  • Social management;
  • Taxes and accounting.

In addition to the three faculties, the structure of the Silesian University includes the Mathematical Institute in Opava, which is engaged in research and thematic seminars. In the asset of students and staff of the Institute:

  • membership in scientific companies of the Czech Republic;
  • scholarships of the Czech Commission of UNESCO and the Academy of Sciences;
  • nominations in the category "young scientist" for the world-famous contribution to the development of the theory of dynamical systems;
  • prizes for exceptional results in studies and creative activity in the field of Mathematics and Mathematical analysis.

Physical Institute

The Physics Institute in Opava was established on January 1, 2020 and is currently the youngest institute in the Silesian University.

  • Hotel business;
  • Banking;
  • European integration;
  • The economy of the enterprise in the field of trade and services;
  • Marketing and Management;
  • Accounting and taxation;
  • Social resource management;
  • Public sector economics and administration;
  • Management Informatics

Admission to Silesian University: what difficulties will you have to face

The conditions for admission to the Silesian University depend on the chosen specialty and the approximate admission competition. Some departments can be entered without entrance exams by passing a certificate competition. Education is generally available here. But, for example, for creative specialties, in addition to possible entrance tests, you will need to confirm your own talents: a portfolio or a speech before the admissions committee. The current admission rules can be found on the official website of the university.

To study in the Czech Republic at faculties accepting students on the basis of examination reports, it is necessary to pass one of the types of knowledge testing:

  • National Comparative Exam. Mandatory testing to confirm the knowledge gained at school, the previous university.
  • Written exam in accordance with the chosen specialty.
  • Oral examination on the subject of proficiency in the Czech language.

95% of tests and questions for examination tickets are written in the national language of the Czech Republic, so it is difficult to count on admission without a good language base. If you want to study on a budget and enjoy the benefits of public education: scholarships, subsidized travel and meals, library archives and student exchange programs, then knowledge of the Czech language at the B1-B2 level is a prerequisite for admission to a budget form of study.

The Prague Education Center language courses are the first step towards admission to a Czech university on a free basis. Effective preparation in the Czech language to the B2 level already during the 1st semester, and, by the end of the year, preparation to the C1 level. In addition to studying the Czech language, the Prague Educational Center offers specialized training, depending on which direction the applicant plans to enroll in. In addition, we have done everything to ensure that each of our students receives "additional bonuses": communication with Czech students, payment of tuition in installments, round-the-clock support of curators. And that's not all. 

There are two ways to prove that you know the language as well as Czech school leavers:

  • Demonstrate their abilities during an oral exam at the university.
  • By providing a certificate of proficiency in the language. A prerequisite is that language courses or schools must be accredited in the Czech Republic.

If you are not sure that your knowledge of Czech will allow you to master the often difficult university program, it is advisable to "tighten" the language in advance, especially since licensed schools have the right to take an oral exam, give a guarantee for admission and recommendations for choosing a specialty.

Preparation of documents

The formation of a package of documents will not take much time. The package includes a standard certificate/diploma, medical certificate, visa and proof of solvency. The expectation is due to the mandatory process of nostrification: without confirmation of originality and authenticity, the documents do not have legal rights in the territory of the Czech Republic. Accordingly, they cannot act as documentation for an application for admission.

What is interesting about studying at the Silesian University in Opava

Silesian University offers a variety of study programs, as well as guarantees the cognitive leisure of its students. In Opava and Karvin, centers for consulting on specialties and career growth have been opened, the university cooperates with dozens of enterprises in France, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and the UK. Therefore, graduates are not in danger of unemployment.

Employment of diploma holders Silesian University in Opava often happens even before graduation. With diligence, it is easy to get a job invitation during practice, and if you upgrade your qualifications under the Erasmus + program, it is possible to immediately find a job in the EU countries without recertification.

In addition to obtaining a prestigious and highly paid profession, admission to this university has several advantages for foreigners.

Accommodation and meals

Unfortunately, the university does not have its own dormitories, but this does not mean that the management did not take care of the accommodation of students. On the official website there are links to organizations that provide rental housing at an affordable price. The estimated cost of a rented apartment is 2100 CZK.

In order to compensate a little for the students' living expenses, travel compensation is provided - an analogue of a travel ticket.

The food is varied – subsidized meals for every taste and budget are provided by four Opava restaurants. Each faculty has a cooperation agreement with "catering", so students are not in danger of starvation. The approximate price of lunch is 38-40 crowns, which is quite affordable for a student receiving a scholarship.


Do you like art? Your attention is drawn to the chamber choir, fun events of the Association of Students and Friends of the Silesian University, a theater festival. Do you want to dive into science as deeply as possible? A Historical club is open for those who wish, equipped laboratories and a modern library work. A busy student life is guaranteed, the university administration and the city hall took care of this.

Opava is rich in sights, the center is generally a solid historical monument. In addition to visiting cultural and historical values in the district, you can relax in the water park in Kravarzha, attend the festival "Opava Cultural Summer", become a regular of roller skating tracks or bike trails.

As you can see, the advantages of training significantly cover all the difficulties of admission. And if we take into account that with a good knowledge of the Czech language, education itself will be free, and part of the costs will be borne by the state, then the prospect of obtaining an excellent demanded position without financial expenses becomes more than real. The decision is up to future students — if you start studying Czech today, then in a few years it is possible to get a competitive profession to your liking, and most importantly, with a stable income.

Education is the wings that allow a person to rise to a high intellectual orbit. – N.I. Miron

Testimonials from our students
Testimonials from our students
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