Janáček Academy of Music (JAMU)

Can art be combined with science, and graduates of a music and theater university be in demand on the modern labor market? Easily! - assert the teachers and students of the Janáček Academy of Music. The institution of higher education for talented young people offers a range of directions in both classical and contemporary art, and lectures and practical classes are taught by teachers who are established in the creative world and have something to share with their students. It is not for nothing that the university is considered the best among specialized institutions in the country and one of the leading ones in Europe.

Janáčkova Akademie Múzických Umění v Brně is a state program and is free of charge for Czech and foreign students. If you are sure that music, theater, stage design or plastic arts are your calling, the State Academy of Musical Arts in Brno is waiting for you.


Official name:
Masarykova Univerzita

Website: www.jamu.cz

Type of university: state

Language of instruction: Czech

Faculties: 2

Specialties: 20+

Number of years of study: 4-9 years

Training program:
bachelor's, master's, doctoral studies

The Janacek Academy of Music in Brno (JAMU) is a state higher education institution (HEI) founded on September 12, 1947. However, the story did not begin in the middle of the 20th century, the so–called "Platonic Philosophical Academy" - free courses for art lovers in the Czech Republic were already known in the 15th century. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, musicians, actors, theater-goers, and artists were also classified as "connoisseurs of Plato's philosophy."

The main role of the Academy is to provide higher education in the field of art (music, theater, dance and multimedia) within the framework of accredited educational programs. At the same time, the university actively conducts academic research and publications, striving to develop international partnership. Students and teachers also participate in various programs and enjoy many opportunities to improve their skills in partner foreign institutions. The Czech Republic is an exemplary country in terms of culture, so great composers and artists are often born on its territory, which could not go unnoticed. Since 1945, the state has been pursuing a policy of cultural growth of citizens, so the opening of universities for talented people is natural. The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, became the "first swallow". Since the Prague School could not accommodate everyone, two years later the Academy of Musical Arts in Brno was opened, which went from an organ school to a conservatory.

Today, within the framework of the curriculum, not only musical and theatrical activities are studied, the university offers dozens of specializations related to the field of art. The training is conducted only in the state language of the Czech Republic, there are no programs in foreign languages, while the competition for admission to the university does not fall. Foreign citizens have the right to receive free education if they prove the presence of talent and master the national language, at least at the level of an ordinary native speaker.

Faculties and specializations

Teaching at the theater faculty is organized in the form of studios for 10-12 people. Each student receives an individual approach and support throughout the entire curriculum. Each studio is headed by an outstanding artist.

Training is conducted at two faculties on a full-time basis, there are no advisory forms. Programs are provided for students:

  • Bachelor's degree with a three-year term of study. Admission on the basis of a certificate of secondary education or a diploma of a secondary specialized institution.
  • Magistracy. 2 years of training. Enrollment is carried out upon presentation of a diploma of higher education in the field chosen by the applicant.
  • Doctoral studies. Training takes 2-3 years, depending on the chosen specialization. Admission is possible only after graduation from the Master's program Janáčkova Akademie Múzických Umění v Brně. "From the outside" graduate students are rarely recruited, since the university relies on its successful students.

Despite its popularity, the Yanacek Academy of Music does not pursue mass participation, only 700 people study within the walls of the "temple of art". This university is a state university, thanks to which talented children can study here for free, while the cost of studying in private educational institutions can become an obstacle on the way to their cherished dream. 

Faculty of Music

The music faculty was founded in 1947. The Music Faculty of the Janacek Academy of Music is the only one in the Czech Republic offering jazz performance training. The purpose of the faculty is to provide students with the highest level of education, thereby ensuring the professionalism of future soloists, conductors, members of artistic associations of all types, teachers and music managers. Currently, the Faculty of Music accredits the curriculum "Musical Art". Since the 2003/2004 academic year, most majors have been opened as bachelor's degree programs, followed by Master's and doctoral degree programs. 

Naturally, there are classes on virtuoso piano and guitar playing, and an organ mastering class is open for connoisseurs of the exotic. Playing strings, wind instruments and keyboards is not the only specialization of this faculty of the University of Arts. For the modern music sphere, other professions are also important, which can be obtained by enrolling in:

  • Piano pedagogy;
  • Organ playing and sacred music;
  • Historical interpretation;
  • Playing wind instruments;
  • Music production;
  • Playing stringed instruments;
  • Playing percussion instruments and jazz.

For applicants with a good voice and a desire to build a career in singing, it is advisable to try their hand in the direction of "vocal". The Academy of Musical Arts in Brno gives a good start to climb the career ladder.

So, for students of all courses of the music faculty of the university,:

  • Tenders for filling vacancies in professional orchestras, respectively, it is quite possible to get a job before graduation.
  • Music festivals. When preparing any holiday, the Czech Government appeals to the leadership of the Academy, and students take part in concert programs, which makes it possible to practice and win "their" audience. In October 2018, the JAMU Jazz Orchestra will hold a concert dedicated to the centennial anniversary of the founding of the state.
  • International music meetings and competitions named after Leos Janacek.
  • Professional conferences in which established musicians, directors and singers share their experiences and give useful advice.

Recruitment to the faculty is small. The number of students is about 300.The annual recruitment is small, the competition for a place is 3 people. Thus, about 15-20 students are recruited every year. For admission, it is necessary to submit an electronic application to the faculty's e-mail by the end of the year, attaching scans of educational documents and a description of the teachers of the music school where the training took place. The selected applicants will be admitted to an interview, where it is necessary to show the level of proficiency in an instrument or voice, and testing, according to the results of which worthy students are selected.

Theater Faculty

The Janacek Academy of Music in Brno opened its theater department in 1947. To date, the faculty offers training in the programs "Dramatic Art" and "The Art of Dance". The training takes place with practice in the studios. Graduates of the university work in various branches of theatrical art (acting, directing, drama, scenography, theater management) or in the field of art education. Today, as part of the training, you can get professions in the field of:

  • Theater and education;
  • Drama and directing;
  • Scenography;
  • Theatrical production and stage technique;
  • Dramatic work and media.

The faculty also has its own Dance and Plastic Arts Theater. In addition to the above specialties, the master's program has been expanded with courses in:

  • Music game;
  • Physical Theater;
  • A dramatic game.

The faculty has its own theater, which successfully tours the world and constantly pleases the residents of Brno with exciting student performances. The governing bodies have also developed a program to encourage the best students — the Fulbrightova Scholarship ($15,000 for 9 months). The scholarship fully covers the student's expenses for accommodation, meals, medical insurance, travel.

The faculty has more than 300 students. The competition for the vacant place is 5 people. The training is available in both Czech and English. Doctoral students receive higher education in the most popular and promising specialties: musical theater actor, drama actor, dance pedagogy. The latter specialization requires longer preparation, so doctoral studies last 3 years (6 years if you start with a bachelor's degree).

Do you want to get a creative education in the Czech Republic? Then you should definitely take a look at Prague! The capital is home to the most famous creative universities in the Czech Republic: UMPRUM, AMU and AVU:

Admission rules for foreigners

Talent has no geographical limitations, and the Janacek Academy of Music knows this very well. Therefore, the conditions for admission to the university are the same for Czech graduates and talented young people from other countries. The only difference is that an examination for knowledge of the state language is conducted for foreigners.

The rules of admission to the university depend on what level of professional training the applicant enters (bachelor's, master's, postgraduate studies), as well as on the faculty and specialty. A detailed description of the entrance tests is best checked on the official website of the Academy. 

Admission to the Bachelor's degree

Acceptance of documents for bachelor's degree is conducted until mid-December and ends on the 15th. In addition to the package of documents, the applicant must submit a small resume. In the resume, he needs to describe what kind of education he has and whether he has experience in the art field.

Then there is a series of entrance exams, which begin in February. Foreign applicants additionally take an exam in the Czech language (in the absence of a certificate of proficiency in it).

After the entrance exams are passed, a test is conducted to check the applicant's talent and creative abilities. For example, for admission to one of the specialties, the applicant demonstrates playing an instrument, as well as his knowledge of the theoretical foundations of music.

Admission to the Master's program

Acceptance of documents for master's degree studies lasts until May. In June, the university conducts entrance exams.

Admission to graduate school

The entire package of documents is accepted until July. Entrance exams are scheduled in September .Since we are talking about a specific specialization — music and theater — studying Czech independently or with a tutor may not lead to the desired result. Art is not only a special world and mood, but also a special terminology that is not included in the basic training program.

RES language courses are designed for people who want to get a B1-C1 certificate in a short time, confirming a high level of proficiency in the Czech language. Teachers will help you get the necessary knowledge base for normal education in the Czech Republic, without difficulties in understanding the theory. And the certificate obtained saves the applicant from having to take the entrance language exam to the university within the walls of the Academy of Musical Art in Brno. 

Also for admission it is necessary:

  • By March 31, submit an electronic application and attach a certificate or diploma translated into Czech and notarized, medical insurance, passport and long-term visa (if the country is not part of the Schengen area).
  • Go through the nostrification procedure to confirm that the documents are authentic and the information written in them is true. This is a kind of exam that confirms your knowledge.

The call for an interview comes no later than 14 days before the start of the interview. In case of a successful interview, the applicant is allowed to take the test. To enroll in a university, you need to score at least 20 points (more is better, since the competition is high). The test consists of several blocks of questions with multiple choice answers. The task of the applicant is to indicate the correct answer or put a mark "I don't know". Guessing is pointless — every wrong option takes away one point. If you are not sure, it is better not to answer, zero points are awarded for this.

Who has experienced the pleasure of creativity, for that already all other pleasures do not exist. A. P. Chekhov

What is interesting about studying at the Yanachek Academy of Music

Free education is already a big plus for young people, since they do not have to take out a loan to get a sought—after profession. The Rector's office also made sure that the training was as comfortable as possible:

  • There is an extensive library with the ability to access the Internet, so it will not be difficult to prepare for theory classes.
  • The international ERASMUS + program is provided, within which students can improve their qualifications in foreign specialized universities.

Spending free time in the walls of the Yanachek Academy of Music is also diverse. Firstly, living in Brno is already an increase in the cultural level and an opportunity to join the origins of Czech history. The city is rich in sights and legends. Thousands of tourists come here every year, and students can arrange excursions to interesting places without haste and at their discretion.

Also, dozens of sports clubs and travel agencies are open in Brno for leisure activities, where students are happy to provide discounts on services. If you do not "fly off" from the scholarship, the wave can afford an interesting pastime without interrupting your studies.

Studying at a university gives unlimited prospects. Moreover, some students are employed by their alma mater — grants and tenders for prestigious vacancies are held regularly, several times a year. There are no cases of unemployment among graduates (according to the employment bureau), each graduate finds his vocation and place in the art world. Admission and passing exams to a university is not the easiest thing to do, because the competition is huge. However, having the talent and desire to build a career in Europe, it is worth trying your hand and going through the stages of the competition. The result is that with diligence and success in your studies, you will receive a diploma that is quoted all over the world and a future associated with high pay for your favorite work.

Testimonials from our students
Testimonials from our students
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