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Graduating party

On Friday, 23.05.2014, graduating party took place in Prague Education Center. According to the tradition it held on board of the three-deck ship called “Europe”. At the graduating ceremony were attended all students and tutors from all of three cities, where’s P.E.C. situated: Prague, Brno, Liberec.

We all had a chance to talk and remember how this year was and also talk about our plans on future. And, of course, we were enjoying this party, looking at an amazing evening Prague, with its mystery and a lightening streets. We all danced, watched videos, which were prepared by students to their tutors. It was very fun. Traditionally, tutors have sung for students with the guitars. Also student from Liberec prepared their own song.

In honour of the P.E.C. graduates was organized a festive fireworks from one of the islands located on Vltava river.

We all hope that our graduates will permanently preserve good memories of that day!

You can view the photos by clicking on this link:

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